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Have You Tried BlackBerry Protect? What Do You Think?


The current BlackBerry Protect public beta is the culmination of a long project at RIM. I think it is a feature that RIM needed 5 years ago yet held out on doing since it slightly cannibalizes their enterprise business. As we have seen from the proliferation of BlackBerry backup (and even synchronization) apps users want help backing up their critical data from danger.

I have spoken to many friends and readers about their trials with BlackBerry Protect and so far things have been pretty positive. I have heard some resentment about it not working on devices already connected to a BES but that looks like it may be fixed soon. The only other complaint I heard was that RIM has not made it available worldwide yet but for that I blame the idiots at RIM legal.

So I thought I would simply ask all of you what you think of BlackBerry Protect? Give us a quick review in the comments on how you think it stacks up. Is it the best thing since sliced bread or is it a waste of memory. Let us know!

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  1. It’s Mc’awesome with a side of cheese. Speedy since release and stupid simple to use.

  2. I can’t open my account

  3. They cant fix the BES issue fast enough. WTF where they thinking?

    • Agreed! Lack of support for BES users is annoying.

    • they were thinking you already have you data backed up to a BES and a corporate mail server. In addition you need to separate your personal and business. They are creating a product for that.. can.. not.. remember .. the .. name… uggghhh

      anyway when you have that you will be able to use protect. GPS tracking… would be a key feature not easily available via BES but remote wipe, contact, task, notes and calendar sync is.

  4. It has worked great for the uses which I have engaged it. It will find my location and it will make ring when it is on silent so I can find it when I lose it. I hope I don’t need it for anything else.

  5. It works great on my 8900, I tried all features, so far so good!!

  6. It’s nice… but it does really matter, everything hosted @ Google. (synced Emails, Contacts, Calender)

    It’s more the remote lock and find features I like. But they need to added full backup support, including third party apps and there settings.

    Or at lease have a SDK for it, so these apps can program it in.

  7. I love the BB protect app!!

  8. The incompatibility with the berry being encrypted is annoying.

  9. How can it not be great. Thank you RIM.

  10. Love it!!! It’s perfect: out of sight, out of mind, yet it’s there when you need it.

  11. RIM should fire the idiots and keep just the good ones at their Legal office.

    This deployment strategy is totally and absolutely flawed… Thou I am glad South America was in this time…

    The app works and does what it says it will, I can’t ask for more.

  12. the map function doesn’t work very good for me. bing doesn’t give me a correct location.

  13. Been using for almost two weeks now and love it!

  14. Just a great app. Works perfectly for me and does everything it says it does,
    better than similar apps that charge for monthly subscriptions.

  15. Can’t download, is there any mirrow page to do it?

  16. I love it, everything works except the location feature but I think its because I don’t have GPS

  17. So far it’s working great. I’m just glad I haven’t had reason to test the remote wipe.

  18. It works! I updated my OS and restored my PIM info using BB Protect just fine.

  19. What’s Smartguard? lol…I love Protect. Finally I can backup my data. I don’t use outlook, I don’t have BES. I hate monthly and annual subscriptions. This app is perfect.

  20. Very useful tool. RIM couldn’t have done a better job. Ronen thanks for your “Dear RIM” reminder.

  21. Works great.

  22. Simple with lots of features. I bricked my torch installing toying with software and the daily back up was very usefull.

  23. couldn’t ask for more. thank you RIM …ummmha

  24. Hell yea. This by far is one of the best features after bbm! 😀

    So far so good. Haven’t thought of any complains yet

  25. I have it loaded on my wifes style and it is great. And for being free is awesome!

  26. Going to install asap. (Just got new berry.)

  27. Absolutely love it. It is a must have app for every BlackBerry owner. BB Protect protects your device physically with the locate and loud ring functions. It also protects your important data via remote backup, restore and wipe features. Protect = Peace of mind.

    I almost want to lose my BB now. :)

  28. this sucks.

    i just updated my software (OS) and now it says:

    previously was working fine

  29. How can I get this application, I’ve tried to look for it in AppWorld, and didn’t find it.

    I really want this application, now I only have e-GPS. Such kind of tools are really useful, to protect my data, because for the last 3 months, in my big family (12 BB users) already 2 times Blackberry are lost/stolen.

  30. Absolutely love it! Works like a charm on my gf’s 8900 with os 5 and on my 9700 with os 6!

  31. I haven`t had any problems with it. But I don`t use it much either…

  32. I live all the way in St Lucia using Blackberry protect is super simple and easy. Wish I could view the backed up info somewhat like Lookout Mobile. But its great.

  33. I really like it, but its far too “fat” to stay on my memory deprived Storm. And my Tour is on a BES so can’t use it there. Just have to rely on dual gmail account backups and forget the cool locator features for now. :(

    Archived it.

  34. I hope it adds sound profiles as part of a backup. Or maybe even on the os to allow you to back up sound profiles on your sd card.

  35. I’ve been using it for a while and I like it…..

  36. I love BB Protect. I have tried mIQ and Google sync. Both fall a bit short. google sync and mIQ don’t back up memos, plus I love the device location feature.

  37. Way cool… and Free?? Good stuff!

  38. I’ve downloaded and tried COUNTLESS times and it consistently tells me: “The BlackBerry ID service is temporarily unavailable”. I’ve tried this over and over at LEAST 100 times. This is getting ridiculous!

  39. I use Lookout Mobile Security, which is free from BB app World. It seems to do the same as this new app plus it offers virus protection. :)

  40. I have installed BB protect on my Storm 2 (9520). It is not working at all. Giving error load module….

    Please help.

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