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Giveaway: Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale


Summer travels are near  and wanted to let you guys know about a device I used last year the Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale. I had a chance to test this small luggage scale and I must say I was impressed with the device. It is a small and portable providing convenience to taking anywhere you go.  The Scale is simple to use allows you to simply hook  the scale to the luggage lift and it gives you the weight. This is a great device to have specially now a days that airlines are charging more for going above the allowed weight.  It provides measurements in pounds or Kilos.

Product description and Features include:

Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale
Pack smart & avoid overweight luggage fees at the airport by weighing before you go

  • Avoid having to redistribute belongings at check in counter
  • It’s easy! Strap scale to your luggage, lift using the scale, wait for the beep, set luggage down & read the weight on the digital display
  • Weighs bags up to 100 pounds – measures in pounds or kilograms
  • Slim & compact, it only weighs 3.2 oz – perfect for packing & assisting you on your way back home
  • Requires two CR2032 batteries (included) and comes in two colors: grey or green

Available at:

Giveaway: We have one to give away to one of our lucky readers. Let us know if you have any travel plans or a nightmare story you recently experience while you traveling with your luggage. The contest is open to U.S and Canadian residents. Comments must be left before Monday March 21st.

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  1. Definitely a cool gadget. I used to borrow something similar from a friend, but it is much larger and takes too much space to take with me.

    Flying back to Germany with wife and kid in a couple of weeks. So a lot of luggage to weigh 😉

  2. Well, truth be told I don’t travel much except for business on the occasion. Next time out I would love to go with a nice piece of luggage! thanks much!

  3. Have travel plans and could really use this!!

  4. i dont travel much, but i would love this to weigh random stuff!

  5. Don’t have any immediate travel plans, looks pretty useful for measuring on the go though.

  6. This would be great the next time I go on vacation with the family. Thanks for the contest.

  7. Sweet! Nice gadget! No longer a need to stand on my scale, weigh myself, then the bag, and then calculate! LOL

  8. I travel with my grandmother all the time, you don’t know how many times we’ve gotten to the airport and her bags are over the weight limit, which means more charges. I would love to have this scale as it would come in handy.

  9. This will be super handy to have the next time i take a trip.

  10. Luckily, no travel nightmares due to luggage weight though it’s always possible with two kids. Do have a flight coming up soon and it’d be reassuring to know we aren’t overweight before we hit the check-in counter.

  11. Heading to Cananda in a month and this would be a nice addition. Good luck all.

  12. Pretty nice gadget.. I would love it. Last time I take trip to Jamacica I was over weight on my way back. End up leaving a lot of souvenir right at check in counter. Ran out of cash, 100 US for few pounds was not worth it.
    Taking another trip with my son in 3 months time.
    Would be helpful.

  13. I would certainly use this! Thanks BR and Balanzza

  14. My sister could have used it yesterday …

  15. This will def come in handy for me. I have a plan trip to go Jamaica and when I go I’m always bringing back things for family and friends. With all the new luggage weight regulations, I will have a better idea of how much my luggage weighs other then my own judgment.

  16. Leaving Aruba back in december I had to check my carry with stuff that was in our luggage. Cost me an extra 50$. I think a 25$ scale pays for itself easily

  17. My mum would always argue with the counter over the luggages so as to avoid paying the extra for overweight luggage. Always without fail. Maybe this will make her think about arguing again since she never weighs it before hand!

  18. Seems a useful device to have. Gets good reviews elsewhere on the Net. I travel frequently and always overstuff my suitcase. This will help me decide what to leave behind 😉

  19. I’m headed to Phoenix next month and this would be a big help.

  20. Take about 4-5 International trips per year. This is just what I need. Have been using a bathroom scale at home to weigh my suitcases. On returning, I weigh my baggage on the scales in the hotel gym.

    • Yeah, I travel a lot internationally too. This would be perfect for us. Especially since I usually buy stuff on the way to the airport.

  21. This would be one amazing contest to win!i travel once or twice every month at least and im always worried about the weight i carry with me!!
    gluck to all
    Thanks BR :)

  22. I was traveling to West Africa last month, and I didn`t know that the country has a different luggage weight requirement for departures than for arrivals. I had to guess how much the luggage weighed before going to the counter and ended up leaving a bunch of my souvenirs at the airport because the attendant did not have the time to help me figure out the perfect weight. This device would have been most helpful at that time…

  23. This would help me know when the wife has overpacked a suitcase!

  24. My next trip isn’t for a week but I’m hearing rumors about a trip Thursday.

    The biggest challenge i g=have fased is that europe sets the limit on hand luggage at 10 kilos while the US sets the limit on carry on to 40 lbs.

  25. awesome giveaway but definitely different for a bb site 😉

    got a vegas tripped in April and this will come in super handy…

  26. to my knowledge i don’t have a trip coming up until October but historically something comes up. I would have loved this when going to Disney. Once we paid $80 for overweight luggage. Which further aggravated the issue of not having enough space and having to run and get a large suitcase in the first place. Ugh! it was TOO big (and I was sooo proud of myself for getting a suitcase that would hold everything! lol) hence paying the extra. The guy at the counter actually asked if we were sure we wanted to pay. Well…..mebbe if you are flying solo but w/ a fam of 4 you just want to get it checked and be done with it!

  27. Memorable experiences with luggage:

    Check-in clerk at JFK getting out of her seat and standing on the luggage scale, in heels, to prove that it was accurate, ’cause we swore we weren’t overweight. New orleans airport – where my mother had to remove the 9lbs of beads she had, wholesomely, amassed at Mardi Gras. And lastly trying to fly to multiple destinations ’round Europe on cheap airlines – and never knowing whether you were going to be fleased for luggage overage charges by stuffing in that extra box of chocolates :).

    Off again to Europe on the cheap next month, this device would be golden.

  28. Just returned from Louisiana, heading to Texas in two weeks and San Francisco in a month. Yup I need a hand scale. :)

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