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Dear QNX, Please Send Me One of These BlackBerry PlayBooks (video)

QNX Offices2 QNX Offices

Long time reader Jordan sent us a link to a CTV Ottawa video where CTV takes a look behind the scenes at QNX. I have been waiting for a news site to finally do this and while I was watching the video one thing kept going through my head. These luck duck engineers have 6+ BlackBerry PlayBooks sitting on their desks! Can’t they easily ship one my way? I am very envious of my RIM friends who get to take these devices home with them every day and get almost daily OS updates.

You can check out the CTV Ottawa video from your desktop at this link which also has a transcript of the cheesy voice over audio used in the video. Feel free to join with me in disgust at the waste of 6 PlayBooks on one engineer. They even get to ride around in Corvettes and Audis powered by QNX not to mention gamble at work! 🙂

QNX Offices3

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  1. hah i think alot of bb fans out there are getting a bit antsy. i considered myself one of the patient ones, but even i am getting a bit annoyed at RIM’s dragging this out.

  2. They are working out the bugs to take out the Ipad 2.

  3. Whoa, I didn’t realize QNX was based in Ottawa. Another reason I need one (as an ex-Ottawan.)

  4. Hmmmm, I want to work for QNX, seems to have good perks. 🙂

  5. so what do they need 6 PB and what are they doing with them?

  6. Seems to me a cool marketing angle to get PlayBook’s in the hands early of the leading BlackBerry blogs, but I guess I’m not in the running to replace the CMO so my opinion probably means squat to RIM… 🙁

    And here we are less than 2 weeks left in “Q1” and no launch date news.

  7. Dear anyone listening-I must must have a playbook! I do not have T.V (so no cable) I do not have a computer. I do not have nice new clothes. I can not afford to get my hair-cut. I barely drive because of expensive gas-I walk to most places. What I do have is 4 kids-one teenager, one sweet 6 year old, and 7 month old twins! I also have a desire to go back to school and I usually spend all my time that I have to spend with friends talking non-sense on facebook. I have a 21/2 year old blackberry (yeah it is that kick-ass) and I don’t know what I would do without it. It is my only connection to the world. I don’t ask for much-just healthy kids. But this one time I want something-and that something is the palybook. Thanks for listening!

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