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Giveaway: iMaingo Portable MP3 and Smartphone Speaker

clip_image001Usually here at BerryReview we are mostly engaged in bringing BlackBerry news but that does not mean we are blind to cool gadgets. Our friend over at Max Borgers Agency brought our attention to this device the iMaingo; X. If we have your attention keep reading for giveaway details. About the iMaingo the device was design with  the iPods in mind but because it uses a 3.5-mm jack the device will work with most devices that can fit inside the iMaingo. For such a small device it packs quite a boom.  The device at first may not seem practical but if you are a bit of an outdoors person it is perfect size or for travel makes it easy to use your mp3 or smartphone on the go.

Some of the main features includes:

  • Portable
  • Protects
  • Powerful sound for it’s size



iMainGo: X
Ultra –portable speaker system and protective case for your iPhone, iPod touch or MP3

· Custom fits and protects all iPods® (except Shuffle®), iPhone®, iPod Touch® and most MP3’s.

· Doubles as a premium external stereo speaker system for any device with a 3.5 mm connection

· Control and view your device without opening the case

· Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and plug in charger for extended use

· Daisy-chain feature allows you to connect more than one iMainGo X for a larger sound experience

· Comes with custom travel bag, wrist strip and adjustable carry strap

· Size 5.7” x 3.8” x 2.4”

Available at: and
$ 69.95
Website: or for less at rangers from $40-$69


Giveaway: We have one of this devices to giveaway to one lucky reader. For shipping purposes it is only open U.S and Canada territories. To participate simply leave a comment below and and let us know if you use your BlackBerry or an MP3 player to listen to music and how you use it. The giveaway will run until Friday March 18.

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  1. I use my BlackBerry at work to listen to music and streaming radio.

  2. nice little unit!

  3. Use my BlackBerry in the car, and whenever it’s possible to listen to music and streaming radio (slacker, pandora, siriusXM)

  4. I love to watch Family Guy on my Bold 9780.

  5. I listen mostly on my Blackberry especially when I am out and about. Love my BB for most music and music apps. thanks much for a chance!

  6. Blackberry/Pandora!

  7. SWEETness!

  8. Ehhh….I use bluetooth to stream..I have never really liked speakers like this.

  9. I currently connect my berry or ipod to a shitty little set of speakers, its not so bad if there is no noise but I work in renovations and landscaping so they are useless 90% of the time.

  10. I would really like that speaker for my Torch.

  11. this would be great to use at my desk at work

  12. I’ve got a Bold 9700, an iPod Touch, an iPad, an iPod Classic, and an iPod Mini. At any given point in time, I’m in arm’s reach of any 2 of these devices. Suffice it to say, this cool portable speaker would definitely get a lot of use if it were mine!

  13. This would be excellant for all the reno’s I do.

  14. I use my Torch 9800 for pretty much all my music listening needs, and I have to say I am a very avid music fan! I use my torch with headphones as a mp3 player, I connect it to my car stereo through the auxiliary port, I have even provided the music for a couple parties by connecting through the aux port on a stereo and streaming pandora!! I was in the hunt for a new phone and an mp3 player around the same time… However once I got my torch and experienced the media capabilities it has, I said forget the mp3 player and stocked up on a couple memory cards!!! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS AND WOULD LITERALLY USE IT EVERYDAY!!!!

  15. I always have to have headphones to listen to music on my bBerry… cuz I’m on a bus and it’s nice not to ear-blast your seatmates. But this sounds AWesome and I want one!

  16. Hope to win

  17. this looks neat and would pair well with my 9700.

  18. Would love to have this for travelling – decent quality music in my hotel room.

  19. i have this really really cheap $20 mp3 player that i use for working out. Its not the best in the world and i am too scared to take the torch out to the field as i do not want to hurt it. This will absolute perfect for that plus i love cassete tapes. i still got tons of them at home and play them regulary. Cheers

  20. I use my mp3 player in the car to listen to albums, and on campus all the time. An external speaker would be great!

  21. My Bold is my (only) mp3 player, along with playing Pandora and TuneIn Radio.

  22. I will use it with my blackberry storm. Mostly while traveling. Seems like a very nice portable unit to pack. Also, while in the park on those warm summer days.

  23. While working in a vehicle for most of the day, I listen to the mp3 player on my BlackBerry. I can’t use headphones, or the work vehicles’ radio, so I’ve used many bulky speakers. The problems I’ve had was low sound, poor sound, awkward shapes. The iMaingo looks to have answered my wishes.

  24. I use an ipod as my main music source for my entire collection. But when using my Blackberry as a music player, I load only my favorite songs, select shuffle, and just let it play. I hook it up through the aux port in the car or use the Blackberry headphone set when relaxing around the house.

  25. Ever since my ipod got screwed, I’ve been relying on my creative and blackberry for my music needs. But the problem with this when I’m out studying or exercise, my device has a tendency to drop and resulting in scratches :(

  26. Great contest, i always use my Blackberry to listen music on my office and also i plug it on my car, so from 1 year ago i sold my ipod because i really do not need it any more because i always use my  ,this unit loks nice, thanks iMaingo and BR.

  27. I would use it on my blackberry and mp3 player!! and hopefully the playbook =)

  28. Hi, I usually use my iPod Nano to listen to music, and I use it with portable speakers.

  29. I usually use my Torch for playing my music. This speaker is great. Thanks for the contest.

  30. I use my Blackberry Torch.

  31. Would love to win one for my Torch.

  32. I listen to my BB. I’ve done this from the Pearl to my current device, the Torch. I use the BB w/ my headset on the train or walking to work. When at home and I’m doing the wifey/mommy thing then I’m playing it in the kitchen while I’m cooking or when I’m doing housework. I love that while listening I can do all the multitasking that we all know and love w/ the Blackberry!

  33. I have one of those dirt cheap “MP4” players. Only time I’ve ever used it is when mowing the grass and I wanted to hear the football game (it has AM/FM radio too).

    With this speaker though, I can see myself using my BlackBerry for more music listening than I do now.

  34. I use my BB for everything – music/podcast/movies/radio/etc..

    I would love to win this MP3 to use at work. Everyone has their personal radio.

  35. I USE MP3 to listen to my music while doing yardwork

  36. I use both actually. My BB during the day at work and running around and a player for jogging, riding. Looks like a nice little unit

  37. I would love to have this compact speaker. It would be great to use when travelling back and forth to work.

  38. This would be a great item to have. I listen to Pandora and Slacker on my BB 9550 all the time.

  39. MP3 is the only thing that keeps me sane in airports.

  40. I connect my torch via BT A2DP and stream the music directly

  41. i would love to have this to listen to music with

  42. I so totally need this for my Bold. Will work so much better than the cheap desktop computer speakers I use now.

  43. Just got my new blackberry today, but before then I was using my iphone. Since I’ll keep my iPhone as an itouch, I’ll probably use both now. Slacker on Berry.

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