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BlackBerry Traffic Updated to Version 2.0! Available Now in Beta Zone.

For all of you BlackBerry Beta Zone members out there, BlackBerry Traffic has received a significant update to version 2.0 and is available for your testing pleasure right now. Remember, only Beta Zone members have access to this.

Keep reading for more details!

Here are some of the features new to version 2.0:

  • Complete UI revamp – You asked for it, you got it.  BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 features new icons, color scheme, 6.0-style theme, and more!
  • Route selection screen – You told us you want more routes to choose from, so we took action.  There are now two route choices (including ETA and trip distance info for each) available to you as soon as you select a destination.
  • Future traffic view – A new future traffic view can be accessed by selecting the current time on the route selection screen, or by flipping through the different views when a route is selected.  This view can be used to determine the best departure time based on predicted traffic conditions.
  • Next maneuver drive view – The simple view has been revised to display the next maneuver with corresponding turn icon in a large, easily viewable font.
  • Search history – Frequent search terms are now available from a drop down on the search screen.
  • Looks like RIM has been listening. The ability to choose between 2 routes will be quite helpful. This was one feature discussed in the comments of this post.

    They still haven’t fixed the grammar in their warning that warns if you don’t pay attention, death, serious injury AND property damage may result. All 3? We better pay attention guys. 🙂

    Get BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 from the BB Beta Zone. (login required)

    If you want to get in on the app testing action become a member of the Beta Zone! Its a great way to try the latest software and provide extremely valuable feedback to developers.

    Thanks to Packman for the tip!

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    1. Right on!! Will give it a shot tonight

    2. Glad they finally added more routes, had been asking for that since very early on.

      The next maneuver indicator is nice too.

    3. I’ll check it out, but the old version also had 2 routes (direct and alternate) but neither was even remotely the fastest route for me. What would be better would be a “Shortest distance” and “Fastest route” option, but it doesn’t look like that’s what they did.

      • I get a “direct route” + “less traffic route”. As listed above both routes list distance + eta. That basically sounds the same as what you’re talking about.

        However the point of the app is to always accommodate for traffic reports. If it offers the “shortest mileage” version disregarding traffic, the application is kind of pointless. You can look that up with GMM or whatever you want.

        • I’m actually not interest in shortest mileage, because that’s what the current (previous) version of BB Traffic gave me: it would take me through miles of residential streets at 25-30mph instead of the totally wide open freeway that would shave 8-10 minutes off my trip. It would not even recognize that there was a freeway until I was on it. It really only needs one mode, IMO: fastest route. That would take into account avg speed limits as well as live traffic conditions. Sadly, that’s not what it seems to be doing.

    4. more routes is better, haven’t used it much since I downloaded so i hope this version is going to incite me to use it a little more

    5. Until it does voice navigation it doesn’t seem particularly useful to me.

      • Wouldn’t it actually have to be a mapping application first?

        BBMaps would be a more likely candidate for voice nav than this app is, they are designed very differently.

    6. BlackBerry Traffic should be integrated with BB Maps and Voice navigation, then it would be perfect.

    7. This is cool; though I’m realllly curious where the traffic information comes from…

      • And once again I’m reminded of how RIM doesn’t want people actually using its beta zone. Otherwise why would I need to click through (literally) 8 screens from my device to reach the OTA download?

    8. I see someone whatsapp-ing 😀

    9. I disagree that BBMaps is a better place for voice navigation (although it could use it too) than Traffic. All they need to do is have it speak while on the Next Maneuver screen. Other than that, the changes are great. I like the new UI. Having routes to choose from is a welcome addition although perhaps more routes would be nice along with classifying them (quickest, shortest, no tolls, etc). All that this app lacks is voice. If they included that, I would use it a lot. Otherwise, it will probably get removed after I finish testing out all the features.

      • I actually like it specifically for the traffic features. The directions are nice, but it’s more helpful to me to be able to check traffic before I leave my desk so I can figure out how which route home to take.

        That said, if they *did* integrate voice nav it would make it more generally useful to me.

      • That means you won’t be able to do a local search and navigate to it with voice directions.

    10. Funny, I just checked the BlackBerry beta website yesterday morning and it wasn’t there…lol
      Nice update but to me, sorry RIM..still not usable. It’s just not a Navigator.

    11. Winnipeg, Manitoba (where I’m from) has recently imposed the “no mobile device while driving” law. I can see me benefitting from this app over Google Maps as the text is larger, making it easier to see the directions at first glance.

      A voice, or at least a beep, notification of an upcoming turn would be welcomed.

      • The only benefits you’d be getting from your BlackBerry is before or after you drive….that’s not good.
        That means you can’t use slacker or Pandora or any other app on the go.

    12. Really annoys me that it only provides Bing search within BB Traffic. We should be able to choose! I’d rather use Google search.

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