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Android’s App Market Threatening Apple for Supremacy

Does the number of apps a smartphone manufacturer offers really matter to consumers? Do we really care about quality over quantity? I would answer: Yes and Probably not. Google has successfully expanded their App Market to the point where they are threatening to overtake the mighty Apple.

I would like to think that the number of apps a certain app vendor has does not affect my opinions, but more options generally means more high quality apps. This speaks to my second question. It doesn’t matter if apps are quality or not. Lately it seems like only the numbers matter.

As you can see from the chart, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 are not even close to challenging the two front runners. But with the possibility of BlackBerry’s (at least the PlayBook for now) being able to run Android apps this is an interesting race to follow.

Check out more charts tracking Android and Apple’s app wars below.

Sources: Business Insider, AndroidBoss

Via: mobilesyrup

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  1. I think I can support anything that can overtake apple. Specialy with the possibitly of the playbook and possibly the blackberry phones eventually being able to run android apps.

  2. I think apps have a lot to do with it. It is always about what the consumers want. Right now, they want a machine that can run apps without issue.

  3. It’s nice to see that Android has so many free apps – especially if we’ll be able to run them on the Playbook.

    • I actually don’t like it because a large number of them are ad driven…

      I highly prefer to pay a low fee to have non ad supported apps, vs free ad supported that kills your battery even more, makes every single app network connectivity required (regardless of what the app does) and uses more data.

      Remember, nothing is really “free” with Google or their ecosystem.

  4. and wait to see what happens with android apps start running on ported version on QNX!

  5. Why would licensing have anything to do with it? I mean, you could just have profits divided between Google, RIM and the developer.

    • If developers have to port the apps themselves, then the appeal is a lot less (it’s not really android apps running on QNX). This removes the licensing issues.

      If they don’t have to port them, android apps have built in license checks for the android marketplace. Except that the playbook isn’t running android and has no system associated google account to do the license check with…

  6. “Lately it seems like only the numbers matter.”

    And what that completely ignores is the presence of “web apps”, ones that don’t require downloading from some “store”, you just go to the site and it’s an app. I personally think that’s the future, not ever increasing “store” content bloated by myriad large numbers of apps that do the same thing to one extent or another.

    Seems to me the smart developer will figure out how to detect what smartphone is coming to their site AND how to monetize use of their app. WITHOUT it being all about ad impressions.

    • Depends who you ask I guess. I have a feeling apple will force actual applications and avoid web apps (it keeps people centric to their appstore and keeps them in control).

      Stupid move backwards for everyone imo, but the isheep would let it succeed regardless…

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