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When BBM Makes it to the PlayBook Will it Have Video Chat and a New UI?

BlackBerry-PlayBook-660x495Many have questioned whether the PlayBook will have a PIN or not and why does it not have BBM? The current BBM on BlackBerry devices was made for the current BlackBerry OS and not for the kernel that makes up the QNX software.  It has been said that the PlayBook may run BlackBerry apps but I think RIM could do better. BBM is based on PIN # +BIS the Wi-Fi only PlayBook does not seem to have a PIN and no way to support BIS that we know off. We know that RIM is working on their own video chat application but is likely to be a new app not a BBM based.

My thoughts  are that if RIM plans to eventually put QNX on BlackBerry devices I would think that they will have to make a new UI and improve BBM to work better with the QNX OS instead of just porting the OLD BBM to the PlayBook.  That means that they could start from scratch and probably do away with a lot of bugs found on the current version of BBM. With the QNX OS I would think they would have more flexibility in creating a better looking UI and add more options. If they are not currently planning on doing this which many  users of BBM have ask is “will RIM add video chat to BBM?”

I believe that if they are planning on doing that on the current BBM would be hard but if they developed a new BBM with the QNX system they could probably pull this off. That may explain why we have not seen a native BBM app for the PlayBook. This are mainly speculation but it would be awesome if RIM did bring this to both the PlayBook and future BlackBerry devices.  The current BBM is great but it lags specially in group chats, and is a battery hog.  This would give RIM a chance to improve BBM and not be stuck with the limitations of the OLD system.  Who knows maybe RIM is already working on this, but if not it sure is a good dream right? Share your thoughts or ideas below.

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  1. Will that mean our upcoming phones will have video chat? 😀

  2. I hope the UI stays kind of the same, BBM is great for its visual simplicity, and more focus on the options it has embedded.

    I hope they keep it this way, and if video chat is added, make it 1/4 of the screen or so, so multiple chats (text) can be open at once, or take over as a video conference with 4 people.

  3. if RIM does this using the bridge app then they just stepped their game up in my opinion. BBM would be at its own level of blackberry to blackberry communication. Facetime use email or phone, which you can use trillian as well, but to BBM someone to a BBM video chat. I will make a video on youtube singing ‘its a whole new world” from Aladden LOL

  4. According to BlackBerry’s PlayBook homepage website Luis, PlayBook will have BBM, or am I reading it wrong.

    • Yes and no, u will be able to bridge bbm over bluetooth from your BlackBerry but the PlayBook won’t have bbm natively at launch.

      • That’s still not entirely clear though. It may be that there is a native BBM client – it just requires BIS/BES to function (which in turn requires a phone). That would seem to make the most sense – unless they’ve secretly ported over a compatibility layer for their JDK and not told us. (This is a distinct possibility as well, since they’ve hinted that legacy apps will be runnable at some point).

    • I’m not sure if they are clear as to whether BBM is native on the Playbook or only works when linked to a Blackberry phone.

    • Yes, the PlayBook will run BBM. But only when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone.

      I’m pretty sure Luis is referring to the PlayBook not having an independent BBM client.

  5. I think it is important that they include BBM the video chat:
    (1.) It will give them a competitive advantage over the competetion. (2.) It will allow them to iron out any glitches in BBM and improve the experience; thus taking the BBM and gaming experience to another level.
    I also think they should equip the upcoming BlackBerry’s with this feature.

  6. oh the possibilities!

  7. It would be hard for bbm to work on a wifi or bridge connection. The whole point of bbm is to be able to be instant. Without constant connection like a Phone there really is no need for it to have a seperate BBM pin. Also I hope they do have video chat

  8. this looks nice

  9. i agree this would be a great start to build bbm from the ground up using the QNX software. New software needs new upgrades, show off the power of QNX.

  10. Bigger screen requires a specifically designed UI to maximize the use of screen real estates.

  11. des rencontres inattendus sur

  12. Video chat for BBM…yummmmmmm

  13. I like blackberry. But if the playbook dont have bbm capability at least. That would be sooo stupid of them. Thats one main thing that sets them apart from the rest. That bb users love. And to add bbm video chat ? Ipad competition all the way…..

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