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US Carrier Speed Claims Put to the Test by PC World

While BlackBerrys currently do not support the latest 4G standards yet (though that will change with the PlayBook soon) its interesting to see which US carrier is currently offering the fastest speeds. PC World’s Mark Sullivan put the top 4 US carriers to the test to see which ones offered the fastest laptop and the fastest smartphone data speeds and the numbers are telling. I know many of you also have laptop data cards which is what I found most interesting in the test. PC World checked the 3G and 4G network speeds in 260 locations in 13 cities so it is pretty thorough though there are many areas where even 3G has not made total penetration. So here is a breakdown of the results:

PC World Speed Test2 PC World Speed Test

Verizon takes the cake with their 4G LTE network from Laptops they are the slowest provider for smartphones. T-Mobile is pretty much up there with around 2.3 to 2.8mbps connection speeds which is impressive for a network that really is 3G but is called 4G.

Check out the full results at this link. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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  1. very interesting to see.

    I wish we could get these comparisons in Canada where everyone is claiming to have the best and fastest networks.

  2. So nice to see that my carrier (AT&T) is second to last in both comparisons (LOL).

    • The stats don’t have much weight though because it doesn’t include the other important factors like how likely are you to get Tmobile HSDPA+ coverage…

  3. There’s more to it, 3G for ATT isn’t anywhere like the one on Verizon because of the simultaneous voice and data capability of the former.
    Also, Either you live in a 3 Mbps or a 1 Mbps, doesn’t really average right at 2 for that person.
    Still nice to know…

  4. That was probably tested at the best possible reception spots

    • No not really, in Houston, TX I can download up to 379 KB/s which is equal to 2.9 Mbps. I average around 1.5 – 2.5 on a regular basis, depends heavily on the type of website you visit.
      If you download a windows update or a Garmin GPS map update, that thing is just flying like never before…

  5. Whoa you guys are lucky to have that kind of speed. The speed in my home country is nowhere near that 🙁

  6. Add in the recently published reports comparing the speed if iOS (the iPhone OS) compared to Android and whewie! Apple fanbois are howling!

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