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Media Sync Screencap Shows a BlackBerry PlayBook PIN

Desktop Manager BlakcBerry PlayBook PIN

It has been a point of contention for some to know if the BlackBerry PlayBook will have its own PIN number. We have seen that the developer API’s have a way to ask for a PIN number but the lack of native email/BBM/PIM on the PlayBook lead some to believe it may not have a PIN. Others think that 3G and 4G versions will have a PIN but not the original Wi-Fi version.

While this will be easily proven for the Wi-Fi version when it comes out I noticed that the latest video by IntoMobile showing off the BlackBerry PlayBook Media Sync in Desktop Manager has a PIN. I tried sending a message to the PIN in the video (pin:FFFF06AC) from my BlackBerry but it did not get delivered or at least a delivery confirmation.

With that stirring the pot what do you think? Will the BlackBerry PlayBook have a PIN number?

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  1. The PlayBook will very clearly have a PIN… no question there at all. I think what you are trying to ask (unclearly) is whether having said PIN will let it access any of the services which PINs on other BlackBerry devices allow them to access. And of course nobody who knows is saying.

  2. No question about a PIN. How would something like Blackberry Protect have any relevance without it? How would we be able to have anything unique to a device if the device were not itself unique?

  3. Nice, so naturally the Playbook could function on its own with BB tethering. That would be a huge plus considering BB battery is somewhat lame…

  4. The PIN is the same one in the previous video btw..

  5. I would be really surprised if a “Blackberry” would come without a PIN–at least the 3G and 4G Blackberrys.

  6. You can also see its PIN on the simulator debug info screen if I recall correctly — which appears to be an actual device image, so I’d be really surprised if there was none.

    The question is more as Peter has said – what can be done with it.

    While I think that eventually PBs will offer some/all of these services, it does seem clear that they can’t offer BIS services without BIS. And – as far as I know – BIS is *only* available through carriers right now, isn’t it?

    • I think you might be right about the BIS and carriers. And of course BES is the one they definitely have to be careful of since that is their core customer base. However, I have a corporate phone using BES but I can receive my enterprise mail/calendar/contacts on my notebook Outlook over WiFi. Not sure why it can’t be done that way on a Playbook, too.

  7. I’m quite curious to see if the WiFi only versions have a PIN. If they do, I think it will make them much more desirable – especially to people who don’t have a Blackberry link with.

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