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Leebo theme for BlackBerry OS5 and OS6 Devices

For my inaugural post on the BerryReview Blogs I have chosen to write about my favorite theme for OS5 and now OS6, Leebo by Wu-Wei. I have always loved minimalist themes, and keeping my homescreen clean. With using this theme, I have been able to maximize the use of the homescreen shortcuts embedded by RIM and Wu-Wei.

This theme allows the user to use a multitude of personal wallpapers with great integration. As we can see, the notifications are across the top, and are not cut off. The clickable signal meter launches Manage Connections so turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is a snap. Clicking with nothing selected on the homescreen launches the first app in your app menu.

Anybody looking for a change from the normal themes should take a look at this one for sure!

The call screen and menus were unedited and left in their native simplicity.

The following hotkeys are programmed:

E – FileManager Pro
F – Facebook
G – Google Maps
J – Calendar Pro
R – Meterberry
Z – Clock
0 – Profiles

Wu-Wei has really done a nice job with this one with customizations and adding a weather slot.

And a Hidden Today

There are so many versions of this theme, that it can really suit anyone’s needs!

Wu-Wei has also been kind enough to report known issues supplied by users and are as follows.
Known Issues
• I have a boatload of variations. I know, my head swims when I look at the list too. Sorry if that’s confusing, but I’ve been doing my best to accommodate everyone’s particular preferences…so there’s a lot there to choose from.
• Battery charging icon misbehaves on Home Screen and Application Screen – does not show pulsing lightning bolt while charging, in fact does not show anything while charging until battery level is 100%, then shows old style ‘plug’ icon.
• The 3G bullets are linked to WiFi on the Home Screen, so if you are connected to WiFi and on 3G, the bullets will disappear from beside the 3G indicator and will be repositioned. (Cannot be changed)
• Notifications and network information are slightly skewed (like 1/2 a pixel for notifications) between Home Screen banner and Application Screen banner. This is partly due to the fact that a different icon format is used on each banner for notifications.
• Larger notification icons, like MeterBerry battery meters and WeatherBerry ‘thermometer’ icons are clipped in application banners. This only occurs on later versions of my theme (1.1.x and higher). I have not determined why the banner was resized between versions. It’s nothing I changed.
• I’m sure there are more quirks that have been pointed out, but let me know if you notice something odd and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Download Links
Right now these are for QWERTY devices, i hope Wu-Wei makes a torch version

Here is a list of all the customizations Wu-Wei has done and OTA download links.
OS5 Devices
leebo05 3.0
leebo06 3.0
leebo06 Pink 3.0

leebo05 3.0.1 (Default meters)
leebo06 3.0.1 (Default meters)
leebo06 Pink 3.0.1 (Default meters)

leebo06 4.0 User Defined Fonts
leebo06 Pink 4.0 User Defined Fonts

Basic Version
leebo 1.0.4

• leebo (Battery meter visible on home screen (very popular request))
leebo (No G key mapped, launches Google Talk if installed )
• leebo (E – FileScout )
• leebo (UK version, £ – SMS/MMS )
• leebo (UK with battery meter)
• leebo (UK with battery meter and network )
• leebo (No hotkeys; battery meter, network and profiles icon )
• leebo (US version – Battery meter and network )
• leebo (US version – network and date only )
• leebo ( with no battery meter )
Weather Slot Version
To show, hit W. To hide, hit 1 (alt-W).
leebo 1.1

Weather Slot Variants:
• leebo 1.1 Pink
• leebo (Weather slot at top left )
• leebo (Weather slot at top left, S key mapped to Universal Search)

Weather Slot and Hidden Today
leebo 1.7

Weather Slot/Hidden Today Variants:
• leebo (No battery meter on Home Screen, for MeterBerry/BattEx/SmartBIndie users)
• leebo (1.7 style – plain vanilla – no weather slot, no today areas, no battery meter on home screen)
• leebo (No weather slot, no battery meter, E – FileScout)
• leebo (No weather slot, WITH battery meter, E – FileScout)
• leebo (No weather slot, adjusted clock area to accommodate 24 hour time setting, E – FileScout)

Now please remember that his theme is free, and Wu-Wei has a lot of time invested in this keeping the users happy. I am hoping a lot more people enjoy this theme and please don’t forget to support the developer with a donation if you like the provided version.
PayPal donation Link

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  1. Great review fubaz! This theme looks like it has everything I look for: wallpaper friendly, weather slot and keyboard shortcuts.

    I kept looking for the price and was pleasantly surprised to see that its free.

  2. Nice one fubaz! CB’s loss was BR’s gain!!!!! Don’t lose this one Ronen, the force is strong in him!

  3. Thanks for the write-up Fubaz.

    I’ve really strived to keep the home screen as clean as possible…and to answer as many requests as time would permit.

    I hope folks enjoy the theme and all its variations. The full thread is over at crackberry, and there are a few more variations later in the thread that haven’t made it into the original post (developer laziness. Oops).


  4. Cannot install on Blackberry Torch. Doesn’t show up in themes, downloaded several times and different versions(only OS6).

  5. Am I missing something? I REALLY want to try this theme but it doesn’t seem to be working? Using a Torch and so far I’ve tried downloading and (separately, of course) and in both cases my phone doesn’t register a new theme having been installed that I can switch to? And yes I’ve rebooted the phone to make sure it isn’t a delay of that sort causing the theme not to show up. Any suggestions?

  6. I have contacted Wu-Wei for a 9800 version, and will post it if its available.

  7. Nice review Fubaz

  8. Nice theme! I always like simple a clean theme with emphasize on the wallpaper friendliness 🙂

    The added shortcut keys are nice too 🙂

  9. Not my favorite theme but one, definitely a staple and currently on my bb and two, I agree minimalist themes are the way to go.

    Great review Fubaz and hope to see more stuff from you…

  10. Sorry guys, for right now I only have versions developed for 480×360 screens (97×0, 9650).

    I own a 9700, so that’s what I develop for. I may whip up a 9800 version…but Theme Builder and I don’t always get along and I haven’t yet tinkered with landscape/portrait changes.

  11. Fubaz, you left out one of the best things about this theme. NO TRAYS!

  12. This is one of my favourite themes. I like a minimalist homescreen so I can see my wallpaper. This theme works well, especially since the keyboard shortcuts easily replace any icons on the homescreen.

  13. We just may have to run our own post on this one. I’m very impressed Wu-Wei. I like the way Fubaz set this post up. So we’d link up to BR for our readers to click in. Plus emphasis on donations always. 😉

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I tried to keep everything as neat as possible – obviously within my theme, but also in terms of presenting all the different variations to users.

      Unfortunately, with well over 25 different variations, things got a little…well, muddled. 😉

  14. Great great theme, been looking for something like this for ages!!! Thanks so much, quick question, i have installed and all is working great except that the alarm clock icon on the bottom dock is cut off. Heres a screenshot:

    Do you know why this is?

  15. Hey HAXx,

    I have the same issue, Ill get it touch with Wu-Wei.

  16. Guys this “cut off Alarm” icon is a common bug in Theme Studio 6 beta2. It may be unavoidable. Not the Builders fault.

    • It is a bug in Theme Builder 6. For whatever reason, developers need to select the default icon again…then the full icon will show up on the device.

      Goofy, for sure, but hey – this is a beta.

      • Rad wu-wei! Hey question which ver is the one the has the 4 icons on the bottom left? Is that a 5.x version only?

        • That is the 1.7 series.

          Speaking of buggy beta issues, this version of Theme Builder does not support true Hidden Today areas in custom6 themes. So I had to code my own, and it is a sad substitute for the true Hidden Today.

          On those versions, the four icons are there just for informational purposes. There are technically two hotspots. Highlight the Messages and SMS/MMS icons (which get highlighted together) and the today area will appear showing those details. Same goes for Calendar and Phone. They are grouped together to make the most use of the “Hidden Today” area that I created.

          I hope that makes sense. It was a kludge for sure.

  17. Rezn, that the same answer I came up with after some googling.

    Guess we will just have to wait for a more stable TB…

  18. Yeah I spend a lot of time working with HedoneDesign, Elecite, WJD, and everyone else who supports us or I have known for the last couple years

  19. I can fix the cut-off alarm issue. That one puzzled me for a while and it IS fixed in later versions. I just haven’t had time to go back and rebuild all of my earlier versions.

    I’ll post a new link later today.

  20. I can fix the cut-off alarm issue. That one puzzled me for a while and it IS fixed in later versions. I just haven’t had time to go back and rebuild all of my earlier versions.

    I’ll post a new link later today.

  21. Wu, you have to be one of thee most dedicated free theme builders i’ve seen!!

    • Hey man, I do what I can. 😉

      Finally registered here, but I like these goofy avatars so I’m going to leave it.

      I like seeing a community of developers and users who freely share fun stuff to make our experiences more of what we want them to be. So I give away my themes. Many folks have been kind enough to show their appreciation through donations.

  22. OK guys, I just fixed the alarm icon cutoff issue in

    For folks running that version, just refresh your browser cache and re-download.

    My apologies for the inconvenience (I hate rebooting my phone too).

  23. what do you mean WAV?
    the versions work on the 9700…. im running these on my 9700?

  24. Sorry, typo. Meant 9800! The Torch!!! PLEAASSEE

  25. PAYPAL link updated, as the last one expired….

  26. Hey Guys!
    GREAT theme! It’s just what i need.
    I cant get it though. 🙁
    it is not active in my themes list.
    do you have a version for the 8900 curve 3G?

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