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Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook Launching on “Major Retailer” on March 27th

PlayBook Major Retailer

It is sad that RIM still has us guessing on the launch date for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Earlier this morning Babisboi pointed out in the forums that PreCentral (Via AndroidCentral) got a hold of a document from a “Major Retailer” which shows the BlackBerry PlayBook coming on March 27th. It has the pricing set at $499, $599, and $699 for the different sizes which jives right.

Keep in mind this is about as sketchy as a rumor gets but PreCentral is pretty reliable though the tipster was anonymous. So what do you think of the March 27th launch date rumor? How about the $499 price point?

PS: Aren’t rumors fun?

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  1. I was really hopping the entry level Playbook would be less then 500$ oh well….

  2. known insider at crackberry tweets that its pretty much true (end of march launch rather than the previous april 10 date)

    both could be correct in that it may launch in some retailers earlier?

  3. The 27th sounds good to me! What’s with these Sunday release rumors though? First Apr 10th, now Mar 27th? Seems strange to me. I guess most people aren’t working Sundays?

  4. Cool nice date

  5. Sounds like it’s going to cost $100 more than the first crop of 7″ Android pads. Fine for corporations, not so good for consumers. I wish RIM would differentiate the included s/w for these two very different camps of buyers, to enable different price points for each.

  6. Super my b-day is April 6th and I’m getting myself a Playbook. Not wiaitng until the 6th of course (if I don’t have to).

    As always RIM beats expectations and speculation. They said Q1 and then dummies over at Boy Genious say April 10th and everyone beleives it. Crazy since BG is about the biggest apple fanboy blogster out there.

    I forget what is was but BG had a big RIM inside info on something (maybe the Torch) and he was wrong totally wrong.

  7. On the price, it’s a better product than the iPad2 so why price it lower. yes if you are going for market share I can see it, but I think they have a good idea how much of these they can sell.

    For those with reaal budget limitations a price drop if sales don’t go as well as expected might happen.

    • Pricing seems as expected.

      Even if you assume it is a “better product”, Apple products are about hype, not actual delivery.

      You can never match the hype… People will buy stuff simply because it’s Apple.

    • People are going to hold them side by side in the store and say “for $500 this one has a bigger screen and l keep hearing about all these free/cheap games for it”. That is bad news for RIM. It just MUST have a lower retail price or it is only gonna sell to corporations and fanboys.

  8. i did take it as a gran of salt, what jump right out @me was the Xoom’s release date and pricing. the pricing says 649 but if i recall the Xoo’s is 799 and wifi only will be 599. this is old i don’t believe it at all.

  9. all this Apple and RIM bullsh!t it feels like when MS came with xbox and challenged PS and Nintendo. Apple is the New kid on the block Motorola and RIM has been around for a while, Apple has set the standard just like RIM and Motorola did back in the 90’s. Now they need to step there game up and i believe they will. I believe in Lebron James moto “Just Do It’ or is that Nike’s lol

  10. P.S.: this is all Booooogus
    Anybody can make that spread sheet in microsoft word (I can make a better sheet that this with a washed out logo of a BIG retailer)
    Let me get this straight, so bb playbook is credible enough to mention on March 27th but the Dell and Samsung are not? isn’t March 27th close enough to the end of the month????
    This is just a cook up of all the facts heard.
    I’ve learned something from the anonymous tipster…trust, but verify. We can’t verify…get the idea!!

  11. Every day that goes by, RIM looses another potential customer to Apple / Google & Co.

  12. one by one, yup

  13. Seriously, I HATE rumors!!! They are never true, often very misleading, they create unnecessary anxiety, totally mess up my plans, and I am always looking for the clown giggling about how many “losers” fell for his/her game.

    Nevertheless, I pretend not to be impacted or hurt by false rumors… and 99% have no truth to them.

    Leaks, on the other hand, have a lot of truth to them, but we need to make sense of them, and they are always prone to change, either by design or by necessity,

    Items like the PlayBook have a lot of info and misinfo about them. I take the good & the bad; yes, one can even learn from rumors too!

  14. Not sure if this is classified as a rumor or leak. Sure they have a document, but as mentioned earlier that could just be some fake somebody threw together because they were bored. At least the Sears Canada thing has something more credible to hang it’s hat on.

    Regardless, I hope it is out before April.

  15. Best Buys on the 17th for the Playbook. I did a back channel trace on the dates the various models were being released and Best Buys came up as the Major Retailer. You can Check yourself on the 17th release of the Moto Xoom particularly to confirm the retailer.

  16. I meant to say March 27th not 17th on my earlier post.

  17. I hope when they finally release the playbook, RIM doesn’t do a refresh a few months down the road like the blackberries. With the exception of adding 3G/4G.

  18. Well – one of these is already proven wrong (Xoom on the 27th and not the 17th; 599 not 649).

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