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Press Release: Momentem Rewards Their Top User of Their Expense Management Software

Ronen mentioned a few expense apps this past few days and one application we have mentioned in the past is a mobile expense management application called momentem . The application allows you to tag calls, emails, expenses and your activities in real-time. They let us know that they have announced their top user of their service for 2010 and also awarding him with a free one year service .

To find out more about this service use this link.


Press release below:

momentem app announces Top Tagger for 2010

Business professional uses the momentem™ BlackBerry app for 32 hours per week

John Wu, an IT Consultant based on the East Coast of the USA, is Momentem’s Top Tagger for 2010. He has won this title as a result of him tagging 32 hours a week of his time using the service throughout 2010. As the Top Momentem Tagger, John will receive his 2011 momentem subscription for free.

Like so many busy professionals, John depends on his BlackBerry.  Every month he makes and receives hundreds of calls, reads and sends thousands of emails, and logs all of his meetings, keeping track of it all with Momentem. Always running in the background, Momentem pops-up after each event on his phone inviting him to assign it to a specific client or project and to add any additional notes. When John needs to collect all of the information he has logged via the app he uses the Momentem hosted service to generate Excel spreadsheets, neatly sorted by client and project, which he can use to generate his invoices and timesheets.

Consistently logging 32 hours per week throughout 2010, it is clear to see that Momentem, and John’s BlackBerry, are used for the vast majority of his working week.  John is one of a growing number of smartphone users worldwide who depend on Momentem to accurately capture their calls and time, enabling them to bill more time and recover more costs.Momentem, powered by parent company Wmode, has received several awards and appears on many “Top 10 apps” lists including IT Pro, MSN Tech and Gadgets, and Fierce Wireless.  As well Momentem was a regional finalist in the 2010 BlackBerry Super App contest.


A user since Momentem was launched in 2008, John tried several other name brand solutions with little success because they were either too complex, did not integrate well enough with BlackBerry, or required too much set-up.  With Momentem John was up and running within minutes and hasn’t looked back since. In 2010, John upgraded to the Super App version of Momentem, which enables him to tag more events in more ways, allowing him to do more with his tags such as adding them to his calendar or tasks list.


Providing users with even more flexibility and convenient access to their tagged data, Momentem will be releasing a web portal in March 2011. This will complement the on-handset Excel reports to give users, like John, a real-time synopsis of his tagged activities – viewable as pie charts, lists, and spreadsheets.  Within seconds John will be able to analyze his time and costs spent on any contact or project.


“I rely on my BlackBerry for my business and I like how Momentem is always there in the background instantly prompting me to log my calls and activities, and as all those valuable records are securely stored in the Momentem service, there’s no need for me to sync or back up my phone to get at the data.” said John Wu. “The strength of Momentem is that you can track and tag work on your phone at anytime, anywhere. I haven’t seen anyone else who has been able to do what Momentem does and I was looking for years. Of all the companies you’d expect to be able to do this type of function, all fall short, they weren’t even close.  The Momentem team also provide great support and they really understand the needs of consulting businesses like mine.”


Talking about the Momentem service, Terry Hughes, Head of Market Development at Wmode, said “Congratulations to our Tagger of the Year 2010.  John has illustrated what I have been saying for so long; that busy people will embrace and pay monthly for apps like ours as long as we deliver something that’s easy to use, and which delivers an outstanding return on investment.  We are getting huge demand from Android users for our service, and for integration with QuickBooks and FreshBooks, so watch this space as we continue to deliver a compelling proposition to business users of smartphones worldwide.”


To download and try Momentem for your BlackBerry go to

A LinkedIn group has been set up for Momentem users and fans which provides participants with time tracking tips and a chance to engage with the team. Search for “Momentem user group” on LinkedIn to join.

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  1. Anyone else find kind of creepy that they’re monitoring and querying their systems on the level of individual user usage? I’m assuming it’s a cloud-based service where they control the data, but still – when using cloud services, I kind of want them to leave my data (as an individual) alone.

    Go ahead and use it in anonymous in aggregation if you want – but to be told I personally have been consistently tagging data means that they’re looking at how I, individually, are using their system; which in turn means they’re looking specifically at my data. Even if they’re NOT looking at my data, it still makes me uncomfortably aware of how easy it is for them to do so – and how I really have no control over it.

    Imagine if google sent you an email that you won a prize for labeling emails most consistently in the last month.

    Sure, I know they have access to my emails. But I take comfort in the fact that I’m a number among millions – unless compelled, they really have no reason to look at any one user.

    Except this article has started that paranoia itch going again… maybe it’s time to go back to self-hosting 😀

    • hi, we are the company that runs the Momentem service. Marc raises a valid point. However let me assure Marc and everyone else that we never look at our customers’ data. Yes the users’ call tags are stored in our secure hosted service, but no we don’t go in there and look at anyone’s personal data. We abide by all data privacy legislation in place today.

      What happened was that we reached out to our users and they told us how much they were using Momentem, and of course it’s really easy for them to do that because they get accurate and detailed reports of all their tagged activity from our system. John Wu, the person in the article, showed us that he used the service more than anyone else who came forward.

      I hope that reassures everyone just how seriously we take data privacy.

      I would be happy to answer any other questions, send an email to [email protected]


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