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Women Feel More Guilt About BlackBerry Use at Home


Studies like this one always perk my curiosity. A new study lead by Paul Glavin, a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Toronto, spotted some interesting differences between how men and women feel about work following them home through mobile devices. They saw women responding emotionally feeling 40% more distress than men when interrupted by mobile devices at home. This was even the case when they had the same amount of “work pressure.”

The study was based on a survey of 1042 US workers, mostly white with children and in their 40s, describing their work and home dynamic. CNN has an interesting analysis of the study but I thought it would be interesting to ask all our readers. How does your BlackBerry effect your work/home balance? What role does it play?

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  1. My thoughts: this article annoys on several levels.

    First: it propagates the myth that BlackBerry is used only for business. How does the reaction differ for those who have BBs for personal use? (Who can be just as obsessively connected than those who have it for work.)

    Too: it doesn’t touch on the methodology of the study. Some instances:
    “In other words, even for women who are meeting their responsibilities at home, they see themselves as falling short of the ideal if they let work interrupt their family time.”

    Meeting their responsibilities according to whom?

    “the researchers were surprised by the differences in how men and women responded emotionally, even when they were equally adept at managing home and work.”

    Again, according to whom? By what criteria?

    “Each participant was asked to describe his or her work and home life: how often they were contacted at home by their job, whether that contact caused a conflict with their family responsibilities, and how often they were given more work than they could finish in an eight-hour day. ”

    That gives a hint. Perhaps they were self-evaluating for the above points? This may not be the best measure for an objective study.

    Without a clear method of defining those underlying assumptions, the results don’t mean very much. On the other hand, it’s also unclear how much of this was flawed in the study vs the watered-down reporting of it.

    Also: %s/effect/affect

  2. Well, during the first year of owning a BB, sure I always brought it with me, waking up and slept over with it in my hand often. Though gradually I’m able to better restrict the urge of checking it during inapropriate time 🙂

  3. I ALWAYS find such studies to be hogwash. And it seems most all the time they have a result in mind and find a “group” to study that ends up with near the result they wanted.

    NONE of these sort of studies have any REAL meaning in the REAL world.

  4. My girlfriend has NO problems using her Blackberry at home…even during the middle of Valentine’s Day dinner!

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