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Staples Internal Information Confirms April Release Date for the PlayBook

Staples_CountdownThe guys over at CB got a tip with a screenshot of what seems to be Staples internal data that puts the PlayBook  release date around April 17. This does not mean that everyone will release it around this date others could have an earlier release date.  In an earlier leaked slide the price was set at $499.99 which seems a likely beginning price point.

When leaks like this begging to surface it usually doesn’t stop so we expect to see more solid information in pricing within the next few days. Stay tuned.


Who is ready for the PlayBook? I know I am the device has much better specs than the  iPad including native flash, Better cameras,  a better OS.  Did I mention you could win one right here from BerryReview? Check out the instructions for a better chance to win.

Source: CB

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  1. There’s a BGR post too – this one allegedly from Sears canada to its (customers? affiliates?) stating the pre-orders would start march 12th, and shipping on 4/10. Of course, the picture there was a letter with two glaring grammar errors and one glaring type/misspelling… so I’m taking it with a shaker of salt.

    (It does conveniently support their 4/10 prediction though…)

  2. If RIM doesn’t release in March, I think they need to tell us Q1 has been changed to Q2 with apologies.

  3. Yeah, 10 days into Q2 but it will be the 1000 days that RIM users will have to hear the flak from mainstream media…I was hoping they’d hit a home run so we could flip off everyone off but I’m past that.

  4. These sources with differing launch dates make wonder whether the infos were leaked with the purpose of confusing us…

  5. why April.. wheres that march!

  6. oh the teasing must end!

  7. You never know when the RIM’s of the work say “Q1” if they mean calendar or fiscal.

    I still contend a $499 launch price for the lowest model is death. Playbook simple can not compete with iPad2 in the consumer mind. A 30% smaller screen and no Apple “cool” factor but same price? BAD BAD move if that’s where RIM goes…

  8. Anybody know if Blackberry Playbook will come to UK and how much? Hopw sombody can help please.

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