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RIM is Running Out of Model Numbers… What Will be Next?

9900 UAProf

If you have been following the latest rumors for upcoming RIM smartphones you may have noticed that RIM is getting close to crossing a boundary. Currently the model numbers go as high as the Torch 9800 but the latest rumors have a 9900 Bold Touch or Torch 2 model which makes me wonder where RIM’s numbering scheme will go next. They could simply increment the versions slightly like a 9800 to 9805 or 9890 but that would screw up their current numbering logic. My big question is if RIM will bust out with a BlackBerry 10000. 🙂

I think going into 5 digits would be a bit of a stretch but RIM has done weirder things before. What I think would be cooler is if RIM started converting the models to alphanumeric titles. For example we could have the QNX100 for the first QNX powered BlackBerry smartphone. Alternatively RIM could just go with models and call it the BlackBerry Torch 2, Storm 3, etc but I am sure they would need a model number to at least differentiate between GSM and CDMA variants.

So I thought I would throw the question out there. What do you think will be the next model line after the rumored 9900? Its not like it is deathly important but I am curious…

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  1. they have a lot of meat inbetween all their model numbers to change it up…. I cant see them using a 10000

  2. They’ve really been using the names for a while now. Storm, Storm 2, Bold, Bold 2, Tour, Torch, Pearl, et al. The model numbers aren’t something that most users are particularly aware of – just us phone geeks for the most part.

    b/c they’re not using the numbers in marketing material these last couple of years, I could see them going to 10k plus .

  3. I also had been feeling they were painting themselves in a corner with the number schemes. The bold 9780 for example. why not make it the 9730 or 9750 like they did with the pearl and curve.

  4. For the most part they don’t use the model numbers all that much anymore, instead focusing on just the device names. However for the sake of developers and other people who do have to keep track of the tiny differences between everything the model numbers can not go.

  5. I think 5 digits would get to be a bit much especially if they still have so many variants. “Hey have you seen the new Blackberry 11530?” just doesn’t roll off the tongue well. A model name with some distinguishing number or letter after seems reasonable. “Hey have you seen the new Blackberry Torch 2a?” sounds a bit better, doesn’t it?

  6. They should start using hash values instead of numbers, woot.

  7. What comes after 9?
    The New Blackberry X1 or MX100 you know…add letters to numbers
    You got 26 letters to choose from and combine with numbers. These won’t run out easy.
    The Torch, Bold, Storm, Curve…etc will change all the time, you got a dictionary for that so I don’t think they’re run out that easy on names.

  8. I think they should do the following:

    Change the serial numbers with numerical and the letters of the brand and operating system of the BlackBerry. For instance, the QNX for The Bold Touch would be #100QNX-BT.

    • That might be kind of confusing if the product name changes mid-life because of an OS change. Not to mention then you’d have two different product names based on the state of the device.

  9. I can agree with like the QNX100 name… they will bring out alpha starters in my opinion

  10. I had the same feeling as Ronen. They should use 9XXX for the last leg of of the OS 6.x devices then switch to QXXX for the new devices that run QNX or a hybrid of QNX. 5 characters is just too much in my opinion.

  11. or like samsung with like sphc or something like bb9578


  12. What about roman numerals? Since the next number will be 10000 I think they should call the next lineup BlackBerry X.

    It would work nicely with promoting QN’X’ and numbers or letters could be added to differentiate between models and radio types.

  13. Hmmm…I mentioned this in the comments to a UAProf article the other day…

    Dropping back to 3 digit model numbers after using 4 digit for years worked fine for Smith & Wesson, no reason it can’t work for RIM too.

  14. I’m sure they’ve got a plan already

  15. This is exactly the same case with Nvidia GPU. In their case the continue with X100s and so on. I wonder what choice will use 🙂

  16. I say they go back to 1!!!!

  17. I’d like to see model numbers really something, sort of like BWM or Volvo uses for their cars.

    Maybe something like;

    First digit:form
    F=flip phone

    Second (& 3rd) digit(s):CPU MHz speed

    Third digit:

    Fourth digit: display size (diagonally measured)

    ….anyway, it could be done a number of ways in a logical, easy to decipher method.

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