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Analyst Claims Hybrid QNX BlackBerrys Coming This Summer

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Long time readers know what I think of analyst projections but the latest has my interest perked. Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek claims that we may see a hybrid BlackBerry OS that runs the kernel on QNX with the BlackBerry OS running on top of it. He claims this is because of a memory ceiling of 256 MB of RAM with the current BlackBerry OS.

I have heard of this memory ceiling a few times but have never been able to get a solid answer from RIM. From what I understand even though devices like the BlackBerry Torch have 512MB of “RAM” that is really just the storage RAM like EPPROM while there is the actual RAM like SDRAM which acts like your PC RAM when programs are running. I heard some rumors that RIM found a way around this limitation but it might be that QNX is the solution.

Once again there is nothing more than speculation backing this one up but if the upcoming Storm 3, Torch 2, Bold Touch, and Next Gen Curve sport a QNX kernel that would be awesome! I just want them to finally kill the hourglass!

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  1. will running OS6 on top of QNX really make the BB run smooth? I’ll take Ronen’s word for it. A BB without lag or freezing apps would be super for me. I don’t really care about game playing and I actually prefer the BB OS6 interface to iPhone. In true BB style they have made information easy to get at. iPhone is still very consumer oriented.

    Maybe OS7 will put BB equal to iPhone in consumers’ eyes but for me OS6 with no lag already beats iPhone.

  2. Will bb torch be able to sport qnx actually? 🙁

  3. I’ve always had this theory that there was a disgruntled employee at RIM years ago who decided, after writing his resignation on MS Word and being annoyed by the incessant paperclip assistant, that he would leave behind something as annoying and designed the hourglass…

  4. I’m curious to see if the Bold Touch will be sporting QNX. Just another reason I’m looking forward to its release.

  5. Fingers crossed while I patiently wait for summer to come

  6. Thid falls in line with the RIMM roadmap we saw earlier. They would have to at some point make the BlackBerry QNX compatible in order to make it upgradable to full QNX (hopefully later on this year). Looks like this year, RIMM is making their push to get ahead of the competetion.

  7. This would be an awesome development! A HUGE step forward

  8. now this is what im waiting for!!!

  9. I wonder if these upcoming QNX devices will have the hybrid capacitive/resistant touch keyboards or the video conference feature.

  10. Yes! Bring those QNX on the floor! We’re tired of the slow BB OSes 😉

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