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Will The PlayBook Have a Native Video Store or Service?

YouTube on the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM made two announcements yesterday rounding out the BlackBerry PlayBook offering. The announced that it will ship preloaded with 7Digitals Music Store along with a PlayBook version of the BlackBerry Podcasts application. While the Podcasts app does let you watch video podcasts I have been wondering if RIM will integrate a video tie in like a streaming TV or Movie service or even one that sold shows per episode or movies.

In other words I am wondering if an app like Netflix or Amazon’s video store would be coming preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Right now the Podcasts and music options cover most of the features from iTunes but the one key thing it is missing is a solid video service even on current BlackBerry smartphones. Hopefully the PlayBook will finally fix that. I am hoping for at least Netflix and Hulu support though both should work in the browser since it has Flash support. Here is to hoping it does since we have already seen YouTube (pictured above) and Vimeo working in the browser.

I know RIM has been showing off the 1080p content playing on the device but I have been really curious to learn where they think we will be getting this professional 1080p content from! (at least legally) So what video service do you want to see on the PlayBook?

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  1. Netflix may not have web support. They use Searchlight, not Flash so unless the playbook has searchlight support, Netflix may not work without its own app

  2. I would love for it to have at least the amazon streaming capability. Netflix would be a bonus. And if I am getting greedy I would ask for Hulu Plus support. 🙂 then I would have to buy 2 playbooks! One to carry around and the other for my media pc.

    • Agreed. Would love to be able to watch my free Amazon Prime video on a PlayBook.

      I’m not so much excited about Netflix. I’ve got it on the Wii and the PS3 and I find I just don’t use it. The times I go looking for something to watch I never find anything in there I really want to see. Plenty of time killer stuff I guess, but I don’t see me needing much of that what with what I’m sure will be a lot of Lord of Ultima playing on my part.

  3. After yesterday’s announcement I don’t see picking Amazon since it would have been logical to also have Amazon MP3 as the base for the music store.

    I’m hoping for Netflix. If they get that RIM and Playbook will get some amazing press. The only problem is that 7 digital “powers” the Playbook music store. I’m thinking Netflix would demand more like forcing RIM to call it the Netflix store not just “powering” the Playbook video/movie store.

  4. RIM already has a video service – BitBop.

  5. It better have netflix…..

  6. Either one is nice 🙂

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