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RIM Offers Three Tips for Shooting Video on Your BlackBerry

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I do not shoot video often on my BlackBerry but my brother uses it all the time to “capture the moment” with his toddler. For this months BlackBerry Connection newsletter RIM shared three tips for how to shoot better video on your BlackBerry. Some of them are elementary for regular users but its still a good refresher. Check the tips out at this link and let us know if you have your own video or camera tips to share!

Anybody else hoping that the BlackBerry PlayBook will bring on device video and picture editing? I could see a fun watered down version of GIMP running on there…

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  1. Nice information, to a photographer or videographer these are the ABC toddler steps.
    1- Keep your hand still or your subject as still as possible.
    2- Don’t move too fast.
    3- Don’t film facing the sun.

    Addition: The IS (image stabilization) that will come with the new Dakota will probably be a life saver for shaky pictures taken in the dark.

    • Yeah obviously they are not ground breaking tips still they are not bad. Got any tips of your own you would be willing to share for BlackBerry photography?

      • Always be relaxed when taking videos especially. This will help reduce shakes as staying tensed will increase tension = tendency to shake.

        Always try filming with a lightsource behind the camera so as to reduce under-exposure.

        The flash isn’t really meant to be for up close. I found torch’s flash relatively stronger when I was taking photos at a resort in the dark.

        Depending on the effect that you want, generally don’t pan so fast as (from what I found out) the torch is still using the standard method of left to right (I can’t rmb the actual phrasing) recording. Newer higher end devices (actual cameras) are not using this anymore as panning will give it a slanted effect

  2. i just use the video camera for the video light as a flashlight.

  3. I noted that OS6 video camera has option for Image Stabilization…

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