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BlackBerry GSM 2011 Roadmap Leaks with Bold Touch, Torch 2, and Next Gen Curve

BlackBerry GSM 2011 Roadmap devices

I am loving all these recent leaks of the RIM device roadmaps. We have already seen quite a bit about the upcoming CDMA lineup but we only had a general idea of the GSM lineup. Now thanks to N4BB we have a leaked slide of the 2011 GSM BlackBerry roadmap though it looks like it may be T-Mobile specific.

The slide shows the PlayBook coming out sometime around April which could be simply the GSM 3G version of the device or the launch of the PlayBook. It has the next generation Curve lined up for a July release along with a Bold Touch coming sometime in end of May or June. Also in the roadmap is the Torch 2 which is listed as “under consideration” but that could just be under consideration on if it will be launched T-Mobile.

All of these phones on the roadmap are rumored to be running OS 6.1 which is not the QNX based OS of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Hopefully the next gen devices will get the QNX treatment.

What do you think of these dates? I cannot wait to be getting the Bold Touch in May if RIM makes that date!

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  1. Excellent news! It puts the Dakota release before I’m eligible for upgrade.

  2. The Bold touch will be a HOT seller!!!

  3. No Monza for TMO? Very suspicious what with prior leaks about TMO getting the Storm3.

    LOL…the PlayBook will only be “3G”. Poor TMO and their lies about the G’s of their network.

    • according to the slide it says no GSM/3G Modules so means wi-fi only which goes along with what I’ve heard before. Hey Tmo is still faster than even verizon in quite a few places.

      • Sorry, I don’t buy in to TMO’s marketing that their speed increase is a new “generation”. That would be like saying when Verizon and Sprint upgraded to EVDO Rev A they could have called THAT 4G. There’s MUCH more to a next generation mobile network than just speed, and LTE/WiMax are bringing those things, TMO isn’t.

        But yeah, its fast.

      • Faster than Verizon? I’m still waiting for 3G and I’m only 60 miles from Chicago. Verizon has had 3G in my town for years and now AT&T does too. No wonder they are bleeding customers and there is talk of them being acquired by Sprint.

        • They are fast but they are also the ones w the most spotty coverage any rural area usually has poor coverage. verizon and att used to have crappy coverage here where I live until verizon bought local Altell and cingular merge w att. I am using EDGE on my torch w tmo and is faster than my At&t 3G BlackBerry

          • “I am using EDGE on my torch w tmo and is faster than my At&t 3G BlackBerry”
            Man that is just SO sad….

          • How does the torch work for you on tmo? I bought one a while back and couldn’t set up my email. Tmo said that these services were blocked by at&t. That was weird since I used at&t devices before on tmo (bold 9000) with no problems. Any advice will be appreciated.

            • I had to transfer all my settings including legacy service books from my old 9700 you have to enable it by going to options/service books on both devices before the transfer and hitting alt+sbeb I also got uma working but that’s a bit more work you can find that on the forums section

              • Thanks for the advise. I used to just buy any BB, pop my SIM and just go to the email settings. That wasn’t the case with the Torch. Oh well, I’ll have to check the forums and learn more about BB. Have a great day.

  4. First, TMO don’t play!! Bring the torch 2 and the full screen touch (monza???). Stop playing.

    Second, why can’t I loging to the site comments section from 9700 official TMO OS6 using built in browser??????

  5. Ah ha! Used the login boxes at the bottom of the page highlighted in yellow allowed me to login. Oh well whateva.

  6. The torch 2 can’t come out fast enough…

  7. I’m torn between Torch 2 and Bold Touch. I have the Torch now and love it all except the keyboard is a bit of a let down. Does anyone think the Torch 2 might have a keyboard like current Bold 9700/9780???

    I will see how much I use my Torch when I get the playbook. If it’s just email then Bold Touch all the way.

  8. Torch 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Really exciting…

  10. What!? The Torch 2 is just under consideration!? I hope they really do make it, it’s by far the only blackberry which could fulfill my need… Large touch screen an a physical keyboar 😀

  11. Looks like the Torch 2 (which seems to be a “go,” given the leaked OS 6.1 for it) may be available even earlier than I’d expected. I sure hope so! I’m trying to keep my Pearl 8100 alive until I can get a Torch 2.

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