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More Leaked Details on Staples BlackBerry PlayBook Training

Staples Training

We already saw some documentation on Staples training their employees on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now we have some more confirmation in a leak showing some more details on Staples employee PlayBook training. The internal memo shows that they will be releasing training modules to their employees on March 30th which is usually before a product launch. Adam over @CrackBerry surmizes that these training modules and 30 day completion period for them hint that the PlayBook may only hit Staples locations in late April.

Who knows but how could we resist posting rumors when RIM has yet to announce a release date…

via Driod-Life

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  1. April? Oh man.. 🙁

  2. Launch date will be March 31st or slightly sooner. RIM’s entire distribution channel will be completely stocked with PlayBooks at launch. Sometime next week, you will start to get reports of product arriving at stores and distribution centers as it takes about 2 weeks for that distribution chain to fill.

  3. “Who knows but how could we resist posting rumors when RIM has yet to announce a release date…”
    Yeah…their marketing arm is doing such a bang up job…:(

  4. I think we will see the PB released or announced before the dates listed in the doc, look at the zoom its out already yet staples says training/module is not available till the 23rd, i wouldnt read these dates as a true confirmation of anything but then again anything is possible.

  5. I hope they have something to wow us at launch. Although this is a business product, it will be nice for them to get some press. I kinda think with the Xoom and iPad 2 already out the media is tired of tablet news and RIM seems like yesterday’s company as far as the media is concrned. I’m not saying it is I’m just saying the zombie media plays it that way. I do think QNX will wow the tech bloggers but mainstream media won’t know the difference. I’m hoping for some big name tie-ins like Netflix or Amazon, or anything that makes the media say wow have a look at this. If it’s just technically better they won’t get it and will say it has no apps.

  6. I was hoping the launch to be held this month. Well, this gonna feels very long…

  7. so training on the 30th, and release??????

  8. We had a conference call and training is coming…..April 19th is the day they hit the stores. I receive regular emails from and there are coupons on there. I’m glad that Android is going to be supported soon.

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