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RIM Extends Free BlackBerry PlayBook Offer for Developers

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SWEET! I was just about to write up an article about how the March 15th deadline for the free BlackBerry PlayBook offer is almost here and RIM changes it. I am glad to report that RIM has extended the deadline for the free BlackBerry PlayBook offer for any dev with an accepted PlayBook app in App World has been extended. The new deadline is March 31st which gives devs some breathing room.

RIM has also confirmed that they have done away with the annoying requirement for a notarized proof of identity for App World developers. As we said before individuals can now simply submit a proof of identity like a scan of the front and back of a government issued ID. They also confirmed that even this is a stop gap measure and will be automated soon. (Cant wait for more automation RIM!)

RIM is also working on the tools for the BlackBerry PlayBook making them easier to use. Hopefully they will also simplify the code signing process. It took me over an hour to setup the code signing for my PlayBook WebWorks app due to the incorrect documentation and convoluted command line codes. Hopefully that will also be fixed soon along with the conflicting documentation on how to setup code signing.

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  1. Lol. So does this confirm an April release?

  2. That’s a relief – I was concerned that I would be submitting too close to the deadline (next weekend I hope) and would not be able to get approved in time.

  3. They have pushed back this deadline a full two months now. Just release this already. Nothing would help developer more then having an actual device in hand that can be used for testing.

  4. anyone care to teach me how to write an app?

  5. Maybe its cool for devs looking to score a free PlayBook, but it tells me there’s no way there will be a March launch.

    • Well – if it’s cool for devs looking to score a free playbook, it’s ultimately also cool fro consumers who want a wide app selection.

      Beyond that — I wouldn’t read too much into it.

      Ultimately either they release in March or they don’t. They’re not going to get hurt in the long term by waiting a month or two, and if the product ends up the better for it — then everyone wins. Remember that they’re in this game for the long haul, and are probably not trying to dethrone iPad in Q2 (nor even Q2 of 2012, I suspect).

      For an example of why NOT to release too soon, see the reviews and publicity that the Xoom is getting now. The consensus is that it’s going to be a great tablet – sometime this summer when it’s gotten all of its updates and features enabled; but is currently over-priced and under-functional in spite of its great specs.

      I think *that* kind of press would be far more damaging to RIM/Playbook than the few weeks of discontented muttering that a delayed launch will get them.

      • Can’t dispute THAT Marc. The Xoom is great hardware. The Honeycomb on it, not so much. It feels kinda like Storm felt when it first launched.

    • Have you done any professional-level programming before?

      • ive done old VB programming and HTML coding.

        but nothing in years as ive switched jobs

        • Glad you realized my post was for you. I would have sworn I did it in reply to yours… I only saw it was in the wrong place today.

          A major mistake we see in a lot of people starting out with BlackBerry development is that this their *first* attempt at developing. So not only are they learning a platform and its oddities (programatically constructing UIs, event handling, etc), they’re also learning all of the fundamental rules of programming (control structures, logic flow, etc) and the syntax of a language itself (Java — or for PB, js or actionscript)

          This is often hard enough on a relatively neutral platform — but it’s even more difficult on a platform that requires hardcore programming to produce effective apps. (That is – no drag and drop way to create simple interfaces, not many standard components, etc). Some people are able to manage this but it’s a rough road; and most give up long before seeing the finish line.

          It’s better under Webworks for the phone and playbook, though still not a simple task if you don’t have the experience.

          I don’t want to say “no, don’t do this!” but just warn you that without some background (if your HTML includes javascript it will help) it will be a harder thing to pick up.

          If you’re still interested, swing by ##blackberry-dev on freenode. Some of us there can try to help you get started. I’m “mparadise” there; and am aroudn during the day but usually am actually available from 10pm for a few hours, US eastern time.

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