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Possibly Bad or Good News… Keith Pardy is Leaving RIM

Keith Pardy Bio

When I first heard that Keith Pardy is leaving RIM my first reaction was to break out in tears ask “who is Keith Pardy?” Turns out he is the Chief Marketing Officer at RIM and he is leaving RIM after joining them in December of 2009 from Coca Cola. According to Reuters this could mean some trouble for RIM since their marketing strategist announces they are leaving in the month that their new BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet is set to launch.

According to some quotes Reuters picked up RIM’s brand value has gone down since Pardy joined RIM but I have to say their marketing strategy has improved tenfold. Still it could be good or bad news that Pardy is leaving. Only time will tell but until then…

Homer Sky is Falling 

Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

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  1. Rim has done a much better job in the last 2 years at marketing their product imo, from great commercials to a bigger presence.

  2. For top executive leaving just a while before the big day ( Playbook announcement 😀 ), is kind of uneasing…

  3. Since the news is he is hanging around for a 6 month transition to a successor I doubt we will see ANY change any time soon. And I personally think that’s too bad.

    That said, its gotta be hard to market a brand that’s perceived to be so conservative and so far behind the competition technically.

  4. In RIMs declining state right now, I think that this, as the topic says is good and bad.

    RIM lost a lot of market share in 2010, but have stepped up in 2011.

    I wouldn’t mind reading more about this to see why he was there for only a year before making any further comment.

    • Ouch! That was harsh 🙂

      Yes, competition has been fierce but they’re not out of the game, and growth of BlackBerrys internationally is strong.

      Don’t count them out just yet as they have some very decent devices in the queue from the PlayBook to the Bold Touch, the Storm 3, the Torch 2, and the Curve Touch. This will be a great year for RIM and BlackBerry users all over. I’m so glad I waited for my next smartphone, although I’ve been bitching recently about RIM training me to wait 😉

      • I am a RIM die hard, dont get me wrong, but also a realist.

        I am waiting for the new devices, and will only really jump on one if there is a promise for QNX.

        They need to get QNX on handsets as fast as they can!

      • Joe…I think you are making my point for me!

        The marketing push for these hot new devices is…where? I see ads on tv and web and print ALL OVER for iPhone and assorted Android and HP and WinPhone7 devices. Many of which are yet a ways off from launch. I see nothing from RIM but some BLACKBERRY MESSENGER ads. 🙁

        • The only hot new device they have is the playbook. Let’s see how they handle it before we pass judgement.

          Also I think the fact that he stays for 6 months could mean it really is a personal reason.

        • Also have to say I like the Simpson cartoon. It really would apply if RIM was Apple, since all that company is is marketing.

  5. Boy, these blog comments are depressing! C’mon folks, I don’t see this as totally bad news at all. In defense of the marketing folks, the brand value has diminished because of the competition not because of marketing… although marketing could have made a bigger impact.

    What disturbs me a bit is that 6 month transition, according to DavidB. Nevertheless, I think Pardy is a professional and will continue to do a great job until he departs.

    This is really a wake up call for RIM to put a serious plan together, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Before the get the great products promised out to market, they had better get a stronger marketing plan.

    Still without great products the last 2 years, there is very little to sell! RIM hasn’t released any significantly new devices in that period. The Torch being the only real exception, and it wasn’t even a hot head-turning device either!

    Nevertheless, I have had issues with the marketing folks not selling the new BlackBerry products well enough. I understand that in the past year, BBM ads have cropped up and other improvements have been made to sell stuff, but I think RIM can do a lot better.

    I’m not blaming Mr. Pardy for this, but I feel RIM has failed to really sell the PlayBook. No Superbowl ad?!? The general public doesn’t even know about the PlayBook. The iPad is in your face everywhere you turn. It’s becoming synonymous with the word “tablet”.

    The stuff that has been done thus far is all about tradeshows, which marketing has less to do with. Tech guys selling tech products to tech people. Who’s selling the tech stuff to the general low-tech public?!?

    RIM needs to admit that their product is not a Chevy but a Lexus. They have to put value on the BlackBerry brand name. You don’t have to sell it at a huge premium, but you must insist on near-leading edge performance, absolute quality, engineering excellence, and top notch support. No Lexus comes with a 1.0L 120 HP engine.

    Forget Apple. RIM is never going to beat the cheap Android products from Taiwan, Korea & China for price or raw specs. RIM needs to define who they are and stop trying to be everything to everyone. Yes, even the Curves and Pearls need class.

  6. This isn’t a “jump ship” situation. He is staying on with RIM for another 6 months during the transition!

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