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Angry Farm v1.1 Released With Smoother Gameplay and More

Angry Farm PSA

I am really trying to like Angry Farm for BlackBerry but their original release was super buggy. It was slow, lagged all the time, and simply froze up my BlackBerry along with screwing up Slacker radio while playing. Smarter Apps is working on that and made some progress with v1.1.0 of Angry Farm and BerryFix got a nice change log for v1.1.0:

  • Faster loading of levels
  • Smoother gameplay
  • 10 new levels of farm-based destruction

The thing is the game is still super laggy but at least the upgrade does not require a reboot. The install is hefty at over 2MB and you can pick up Angry Farm 1.1 in the store for $4.99 at this link. I still cannot get over the new warning message when you start the app which you can see above.

PS: I finally made it past level 6 but now Level 7 is posing a problem. I cannot seem to figure out how this tapping the screen after launching works. Kind of confusing.

Thanks Frank for sending this one in!

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  1. That warning message is hilarious. The grammar makes me angry. 🙂 “There IS 11 applications running in the background.” The cow looks quite menacing though. Yes Mr. Cow sir, I will go and close every other app but this one.

  2. I got the appworld notification of upgrade this morning and installed it. I am stuck at level 17 and they did change it to a chicken, goat, and cow instead of two goats and a pig. So it is a hair easier now but I still cannot get past that level. The gameplay on my Torch is smoother with this update. I do kind of like the popups with hints on how to do things.

  3. the warning is BS. Background apps dont really run. most just sits there and wait for some event to happen. The only thing that background app does is they hug the memory.

    If all of them are running you wont be able to move the icon focus on the Homescreen.

    • That’s not quite true – it really depends on the app. An app can – if it’s coded to do it – suck up vast amounts of CPU even while in the background. Otherwise, apps like Pandora, BBSSH, etc would not be possible – as they rely on receiving and processing data from the network even in the background.

      That being said – most developers don’t do this. Most apps are passive (driven off of user input only) and don’t do significant background processing. They tend to have very little resource drain while not in the foreground. However, they may consume a fair amount of memory from the heap – which means more frequent GCs, which means apps like Angry Farm can be negatively affected due to their real-time nature.

      (Bubble Army has a similar problem – whenever a device GC runs, it freezes for a few seconds.)

  4. hrm, cant we just get QNX and Angry Birds ported…….

  5. Can someone help me with level 7< im stuck at it for the past two days !!!

  6. im in the same boat as the people above… level 7 is my enemy!!!!!!!

    • just aim the first bird at the first block.. and tap the screen/press button to release eggs.. it’ll kill the first fox. then aim the 2nd chicken to the top middle of the 2 and release the eggs.. then aim the goat at the same place and it should knock the already wobbly single block onto the last fox and the goat should fall in too and kill it.. thats how i did it anyway 😛 good luck..

  7. thanks guys !! I have reached 10 with three pigs and im not able to kill the last one ><

  8. Stuck at level 33 pls help !

  9. How do I get past 33? Someone please help, it seems impossible 🙁

  10. I have been on the 31 for 2 months. there are 5 of them. once i hit the first shot the planks push the rightmost fox out of the screen. im able to kill the rest but it says level failed coz of that fox (my observation). pls help

  11. There must be someone who knows how to pass level 33???

  12. Just use big angles and try to use the same angle for the 3 pigs and the 2 chickens I made using this way good luck

  13. Anyone know how to complete level 68?? I’m really stuck. I can get all bar one!! Please help me!!

  14. Help on level 69 please. It’s impossible

  15. Guys, @all: know how to pass the level of 68 please? Thnks u all..LOL

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