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BlackBerry Protect Open Beta Now Available For North and Latin America

This morning RIM let us know that BlackBerry protect is finally available for those in North and Latin America. If you are in one of the two mentioned continents here is your chance to test drive this new application from RIM. Read further details below:

210509BlackBerry Protect is a free application that allows users to wirelessly backup, restore and locate their BlackBerry smartphone. In the event that their BlackBerry smartphone is misplaced, lost or stolen, BlackBerry Protect provides features like: remote device wipe, remote device lock, ‘Lost and Found’ screen, locate device on a map, remote activation of the BlackBerry smartphone loud ringer, and wireless device backup and restore.

Key features include:

• Remote Device Management:

  • – Remote wipe
  • – Remote lock and ‘Lost and Found’ screen
  • – Remote activate loud ringer
  • – Cell Tower and GPS device tracking

• Over the Air (OTA) Backup and Restore:

  • – Contacts and Calendar
  • – Memos and Tasks
  • – Browser Bookmarks
  • – Text Messages

• Administration:

  • – Based on BlackBerry ID system
  • – Web-based End User portal
  • – Operator Call Center access

If you are interested in finding out more about BlackBerry Protect please visit or read the Inside BlackBerry blog at  this link.

BlackBerry Protect open beta is available for download in BlackBerry App World Test Center (

(note it may take up to 24hrs for BlackBerry Protect to appear in BlackBerry App World Test Center  for some users).  Users should be able to download it immediately on the BlackBerry Protect web site

Thanks to those who also sent this in.

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  1. unfortunately I am apparently in the have to wait 24 hours category

  2. I’m getting the message “Your wireless service plan does not include Blackberry Protect”. I have a Bold 9780 on T-Mobile.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, guys! Hope I can get this to work.

    • GOT IT WORKING! Called TMobile, it was just a matter of service books & going through Host Routing Table & registering.

      The app looks AWESOME & just finished my first backup!

  3. I got it and already tested the backup and locate features. So far it’s looking good. I have an 8900 on AT&T.

  4. If you don’t see it in the App World or you’re not from the USA, download it here:

    Works great on my 9700 OS 6.

  5. Finally, I installed and it works except for the location thing since I don’t have GPS on my Flip 8220

  6. Yay! FINALLY!

    Working just fine from my Verizon Storm. Sucks up 2MB of my precious little RAM but worth it.

    Pretty painless to setup other than the 2 EULA’s I had to scroll through. You do have to have a BlackBerry ID to set it up but you can do it from the app easy.

    • My problem exactly. 2MB is more than I can spare on my 128 MB device!!! I tell ya, I won’t be buying any new phone with less than 1 GB RAM, especially if I have to keep it for 2 years!!!

  7. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

  8. Doesnt work with BES? VERY VERY LAME

    • That’s what a BES ADMIN is for.

    • Yes Jym. Not working on a BES BlackBerry has been known about Protect I believe since day one.
      RIM obviously feels (wrongly) that BES users would have no need of it. I myself have 2 BlackBerry, one BES and one BIS, and I would sure like to have Protect on both.

      • Can those of you who are complaining about this NOT working with BES please explain why you feel the need for this application if you are already on a BES?
        What exactly are you looking to accomplish using BlackBerry Protect that you are not already receiving with your version of BES?
        If your device is on a BES, then there is a 99.5% chance that it was company issued and a company device…There should be absolutely NO REASON for a user of a BlackBerry that is on BES to have access to the features that only a BES Admin should have.

        • In my company 100% of the 20 BlackBerry’s are privately owned.

          A user can use whatever it wants to and some are dumb enough to use iPhones and Android devices 😉

          Our BES service at work is there as a service – and it’s only there to support the BB community.

          The alternative is SMRTGUARD [] which does all the same things, identically, and further includes the ability to find your phone on a map (to see where it wandered off too).

          This is the service I’ve been using since it was in Beta test ages ago and it works extraordinarily well.

          There are no data limitations like Protect, either, for those of you happy to use WiFi instead of your precious monthly allowance.

          • I have used SMRTGUARD forever, and this is far better without the battery drain.

            As to what you stated earlier:

            “The alternative is SMRTGUARD [] which does all the same things, identically, and further includes the ability to find your phone on a map (to see where it wandered off too).

            You can locate your Blackberry on a map using this as well, at any given time. The only difference here is Bing vs Google Maps. I prefer the latter, but both do the job well.

            “This is the service I’ve been using since it was in Beta test ages ago and it works extraordinarily well.

            There are no data limitations like Protect, either, for those of you happy to use WiFi instead of your precious monthly allowance.”

            **** There are no data limitations here either, Blackberry offers “Only Back Over WI-FI” and “Allow Back Up When Roaming” as ‘check box’ OPTIONS which are GREAT.****

            Also, you have to PAY for SMRTGuard to do backups. Here you do not.

            Also SMRTGuard does not let you send custom messages as often as you need to if the phone is lost. Yes, you can of course create a custom message that displays when the phone is locked.

            But with BB Protect, I am able to send a ANY display message to the phone from where ever I am able to connect to a comp (ex: my friend’s apt where I may want to send message to call his phone). How one can reach me alternatively changes all the time, so I like this feature the most.

            Yes this is def comparable… but to back up on SMRTGUARD, you have to pay for it. All other options are FREE which I LOVED the program for! Hated the battery drain & found the ’emergency dial’ option completely unnecessary.

            As for battery drain with BB Protect, this still needs to be seen. I’m hoping for the best here.

  9. Trying out all of these with the exception of “WIPE’ obviously LOL… and they’re AWESOME!

    Lost BlackBerry Device

    BlackBerry® Protect can help you find your device and protect your data from unauthorized access. The BlackBerry Protect application must be installed and configured on your device.

    Find your Device

    View Current Location
    Map the current location of your device.

    Loud Ring
    Make your BlackBerry device ring loudly to help you find it even if sound is currently turned off.
    Learn More
    Successfully Executed Mar 05, 2011 – 12:51:25 PM

    Display a Message
    Show a customized message on your Home screen, even if your device is locked.
    Learn More
    Successfully Executed Mar 05, 2011 – 12:54:17 PM

    Protect your Data

    Lock Device
    Lock your device and optionally set a new password.

    Wipe Device
    Permanently delete all data from your device.

  10. This is a frustrating day: If you use your BlackBerry for work (and are associated with a BES) then you’re very unlucky.

    The application downloads & installs but refuses to run and then puts a nice little message in your BlackBerry inbox telling you how unlucky you are to have a work email on your device.

  11. Glad to see the application finally released. Does anyone know the actually website for BlackBerry Protect?

  12. While I do understand peoples frustrastration remember this was driven for the consumers who wanted a BES like option so that’s is why RIM probabdly did not make it compatible also it could cause problems with BES activations. Remember that even if it worked your company would probably restrict it anyways.

  13. Yay, sorry smart guard and lookout, RIM has made its move.

  14. the locate phone function is what I was looking forward to. Contacting my BES administrator when I misplace my phone in the couch is annoying.

  15. I had no trouble installing BBprotect. I love this App well done RIM.

  16. Great App ! well done RIM ! How about blackberry documents ?

  17. Installed it and works fine do me. Good job RIM

  18. Has anyone gotten this to work on 9650 OS6+? Installed, but doesn’t load 🙁 deleted/reinstalled a few times

  19. I was really looking forward to this, only to find that it’s not available yet in my country… 🙁

  20. Note: BlackBerry Protect does not work on BIS devices using Redirector

    I have a BIS device with BIS e-mail accounts configured and am using Redirector. I have never been on a BES with this device but could not install Protect at all, rather just received the BES device message:

    “You cannot install BlackBerry Protect on your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Protect is not compatible with devices that use a Blackberry Enterprise Server.”

    After looking for a solution I decided to follow instructions on KB article KB14202 to “Remove the IT policy using the loader.exe application” (meaning I wiped my device). After a restore from my backup earlier today I was able to install Protect and use it… but only until my first synch and now I am getting the same message.

    If you have a suggestion or solution let me know please!!

  21. App works great except, I can’t get the lock off my phone. entering my password will unlock the phone, but now it automatically re-locks, which is really annoying. I have not been able to find any info on removing the lock. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I figured it out on my own. I’ve never used the password protect setting on my phone, so basically the lock function from the website just enables that option. Probably pretty obvious, but it should still tell you what it is doing, because i thought the lock was from the app and not the lock setting already on the phone.

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