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PlayBook OS to Have App Notifications to “Display Events Such as New Email”


I was having a conversation with @Bla1ze last night and we were talking about 3rd party and native application notifications on the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS. Right now I cannot find any documented API for developers to initiate notifications in the top right and top left bars on the PlayBook. There are some undocumented QNX APIs that some devs have spotted but I have not had any luck getting them to work. Developers have been asking about this on the official forums so I decided to do some digging. We touched on notifications a bit earlier this week for low battery but that’s the only screenshot I have.

Turns out RIM was kind enough to give us some insight on how notifications will work in their Development UI Guidelines for the BlackBerry Tablet OS. Essentially application specific events, they give the example of an event “such as a new email,” will show up in the top left corner of the screen. Kind of makes you wonder how fast we will have a native email client… or at least a 3rd party one. On the top right of the screen will be the status indicators with battery power and wireless connection details. You can view these by swiping to the center of the screen from the top right or top left.

Hopefully this feature will come to both AIR and WebWorks apps before launch. What I really want would be the ability to allow websites to initiate notifications easily just like a desktop browser that flashes when something happens like an incoming Facebook chat.

Kind of cool right? Here is how RIM describes it:

Notifications and indicators

Application notifications appear in the top-left corner of the screen. These notifications inform users about application-specific events such as a new email. Status indicators appear in the top-right corner of the screen. These indicators display status information that applies across applications such as battery power and wireless connection.

Application notifications alert users of a new event or new information that is secondary to their current activity. You can trigger an application notification when a new event or new information is available that users want to know about.

Users can view the screen that displays notifications and indicators by swiping from the top-left or top-right toward the center of the screen. Users can access the details of a notification by tapping the flag icon at the top of the screen.

Best practices

  • Use application notifications judiciously. Try to determine the types of events that users want to be notified of. Test your notification strategy with users to avoid unnecessary distractions or interruptions.
  • Do not use application notifications to provide feedback to users, such as providing confirmation of a specific user action.
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  1. Sounds great.. when are we getting a date..

  2. This would be good. A lot of background/utilities apps really need this kind of functionality in order to be useful.

  3. Wonder if there would be a performance issue

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