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Full Documents to Go Suite included FREE with BlackBerry PlayBook

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One of the value propositions I hesitated to mention yesterday in my “Why I Choose the BlackBerry PlayBook Over the Competition” was Documents to Go. I first wanted to confirm with RIM what exactly will be included in terms of Documents to Go on the PlayBook. I have to say the response I got back is awesome!

The BlackBerry PlayBook will ship with the full version of Documents to Go for FREE! This makes total sense and as far as I know will be the ONLY tablet that ships with a full suite of office compatible software. What does this mean to you? You will be able to both open AND edit Word documents, Excel and spreadsheet files, and PowerPoint files.

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It gets even better. RIM confirmed to me that they will also include an Adobe PDF reader with the BlackBerry PlayBook from Adobe. I doubt you will be able to edit PDF files but you will be able to open them natively.

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I guess we can chalk that up to another reason why I choose the BlackBerry PlayBook over the competition. It might not include native email without a BlackBerry Bridge but office compatibility is huge. Just to give you an idea you can pick up Documents to Go for the iPad it will run you $9.99 for Word and Excel and $16.99 if you also want PowerPoint. If you want to go with Apple’s iWorks suite to do the same thing it will cost you $9.99 EACH for Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel), and KeyNote (PowerPoint).

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One of the main things I see myself using on the PlayBook other than full web browsing is document editing. It is almost impossible to view or edit an excel spreadsheet on a smartphone screen. On the PlayBook it looks awesome! I got a chance to play with early versions of the Documents to Go suite on the PlayBook at CES (pictures are from then) and then again this week with a much newer build and I have to say RIM has put in some seriously nice touches since then. I cannot wait for the final build!

What do you think?

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  1. That is the #1 reason for me buying the PlayBook

    • /sarcasm on
      But Luis…I thought you didn’t need apps?
      /sarcasm off

      • But if you read towards the end of my post docs to go will be native to the BlackBerry and PlayBook so that’s part of the device and what I said was that once is in the market devs will figure out what’s missing. N what people argue is that the PlayBook doesn’t have 65K at launch. But lol on the comment.

      • I was actually thinking of mentioning in the article that you could just use Google Docs… 🙂 Or Zoho

        • Yeah just seems like on the one hand we celebrate that PlayBook has a great browser and connectivity and such so in that vein we shouldn’t NEED such apps as word processing or spreadsheet or for that matter even a native email app. But on the flip side we celebrate that it comes with full apps like this. Quite the conundrum RIM (and the tablet market in general) face eh?

          I liken it to my Mario. No hard drive, no drivers for peripherals, not much at all but a rock solid web browser. No apps except web apps. No email except web email. No address book, no navigation app, no games, no nothing but what will run in the browser.

          This was the point I think Luis was making. The point that the Scoble’s and Arrington’s and such don’t seem to get. If I’m developing an app, why should I develop it to Apple’s SDK or RIM’s or Android or Microsoft or HP or any of them. The wise developer who wants broad use of their app builds it to run in the browser, via HTML5 and Flash and other such standards. But that’s not in Apple’s or RIM’s or any of their interests, as then their hardware just becomes a browser platform. And they will fight that just like the carriers are fighting becoming just “pipes”.

          But I think its a battle they will lose in the end. Sure there are millions to be made before we get there, but I have no doubt we WILL get there, and probably sooner than we or the hardware builders think.

  2. Wow, that’s a great move on RIM’s part.

  3. Excellent move – though it remains to be seen how good the typing/viewing experience is when the keypad takes up half the screen…

    • Hey, hardware vendors, I’m looking for a foldable/portable keyboard that works with the PlayBook! I’ll be buying one today if it was available as I want it on day 1 with my PlayBook!!!

      It doesn’t have to be wireless either. I just want an option! Wired is more secure anyway, and wireless may require keeping the keyboard charged… which is also a pain.

  4. This is huge!!! Can’t wait for my playbook!

  5. Wow, the good news just keeps on coming. PlayBook all the way!

  6. any chance of this feature being added onto the phones as well?

  7. Documents editting and processing are what a tablet needs to trully substitutes a laptop.

  8. Documents To Go was a great buy for RIM. Fantastic apps that can run on the PlayBook and other BlackBerry devices. I think including it as a freebie is just what the doctor ordered for the PlayBook moving into a business environment: it’s got to have class (given for a BlackBerry!) but it must also have function: full suite of DocsToGo! Awesome, awesome decision by RIM.

    Things are happening so fast on the PlayBook front, I’m almost losing track. Perhaps the BerryReview team can have a summary of all the latest PlayBook developments in one place?

    Some cool stuff is almost here including BlackBerry Protect as well.

  9. It would be nice to get DTG on all BB devices.

  10. This is really nice! I want to play around with it on my Torch but whats the point on such a small device?

  11. When will the premium version of Docs to go come to the playbook? The shipped version is not the premium version!

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