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Does the PlayBook Really Need 65,000 Plus Apps to be Successful

Capture on 03-03-2011 16-22-39Do you really need 65,000+ apps  to get you to buy a smartphone or a tablet? One thing that some people who choose to just ignore or dismiss the potential of other devices that are not iPad argue that because of the lack of apps these new devices are doomed to fail. But do you really need all those apps to choose from? When the iPad first launched it did not have that many applications available. Based on my own experience I don’t need that many. I have quite a few apps on my BlackBerry but not all of them get used.  Some apps are essential I use them on day-to-day basis but I would say 80 percent of the apps on my device do not get used much; I use them occasionally when I need them but I could probably do without.

Some of my most used apps include the browser, Twitter apps, screenshot apps, e-mail all the time, CNN money, word press, clock app, and definitely BBM. As you can see from the list most of those are native BlackBerry apps. I feel that the more apps the more cluttered it is and the harder it is to find a good quality apps especially if you have to pay for them you may be spending on something you may use once or twice. Don’t get me wrong am one of the first to try out new apps but if I don’t see a use for them they get deleted. I am for developer making good apps and getting paid for their hard work.

It would be close minded to say all these new tablets don’t have potential and dismissing them and it would be pointless if we were to say the PlayBook will climb to the top before the battle is fought. We know what the choices are out there and each person has a choice. Ronen pointed out some in a previous article why he thinks the PlayBook is the best.

Now that the iPad 2, an array of different android, and windows based tablets are scheduled to hit the market in the next few month sites will be filled with different comparison. The tablet war is heating up and those first to Market will likely have a better chance on grabbing a good chunk of market share. The iPad of course has a huge lead on most of them and I do believe RIM should had at least launched an ad campaign with an official release date instead of waiting for the others to overshadow it. News and radio shows all they talk about is Apple products specially because Apple has become a household name. RIM needs that kind of market recognition to compete since the market has too many options these days and customers don’t necessarily care about security they like that new flashy device on the shelve.

The PlayBook will have probably the best browser in any mobile device out there which includes native flash and full web experience. Ronen also mentioned that The PlayBook will allow you to have the full web at your fingertips and yes you will still need apps to get certain things done. I believe that a good device should be one that can do and deliver dependable functionality out of the box and not have to depend on apps to make it or break it. Apps should be an added plus to allow you to increase productivity based on what you needs.  So any tablet whether it be the PlayBook, Android based or iPad they will always need apps, is a combination of both things. The PC and Macs both depend on programs that make it all work so the same can be said about tablets . This is where the PlayBook will have an advantage the fact that it will have a full web browser and a decent amount of applications at launch. Once the device is in the market the apps will come so there is not reason why the PlayBook should be discarded just because it will not have hundreds of apps at launch.

I think that once people have had a chance to test the capabilities of the device they will start building apps that are needed and eventually build up the number of apps. It is premature to say the device is doomed just because the apps aren’t there yet and there is no telling how many apps are already submitted to RIM so we may get a good surprise once the device launches. I know there’s quite a few points to my post but what are your thoughts?

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  1. Don´t need 65000, but it needs good apps, animated apps, full flash apps, the need for the user to fall in love with the device, i dont like the ipad at all but damn they have very good apps in the app market

  2. I’d say no, but only for the reason I touched on in an earlier comment – by including Flash and HTML5 support, there’s automatic access to *tons* of apps from the start.

    • Good points I think the apps for the PlayBook will be way better than what we are used to seing in the BlackBerry and the added access to online apps will be a big advatage.

  3. Apple has the apps and the rockstar to sell this to the public. RIM has, uh, neither.

  4. They don’t need so many, they just need quality apps

  5. Playbook has a full web experience. It has HDMI without a #$%king dongle. It multi-tasks. So no, it doesn’t need 40 thousand fart apps.

  6. Does a browser really need thousands of websites to be successful?

  7. Very well written, one of the better articles I’ve read over the “tablet war.” Good way to bring out the facts in the PB’s defense. +1 for B.R. Team.
    Best Regards,

  8. It’s not so much about having 65,000 or even 300,000 apps to chose from; it’s about having as many developers as possible competing for my money. If there aren’t a lot of alternatives, not only do developers not have to worry about dropping their price, but they also don’t have to work their ass off to keep their app updated with the latest and greatest features. The proportion of crappy apps to good ones doesn’t change much between apps stores, I think. Sure, the iPhone App Store might have a lot of fart apps, but that’s only really prevalent because the overall selection is so much bigger. App World has less noise in it, but it also has less quality, which isn’t a trade-off I’d like to make.

    • Yeah competition is good even within apps. One thing that I do see with BB apps when it comes to productivity they usually get the job done and they may not be the most appealing looking apps but they usually do what they are supposed to do. On the other hand there are crappy apps that RIM allows on there that probably should be free.

  9. I think you have to have a good ratio of the “fun apps” and the “productive apps”. The fun apps draws the customers in, while the productive apps keeps them coming back.

  10. I’ve never understood this phenomenon of measuring success by the number of apps. If you ask me it just dilutes the quality and ruins the end user experience. I mean how do you even install that many apps at once

  11. Every people have different perspectives, tastes, preferences and so on. I think that’s why a tablet these days need a lot of apps to be a commercial success, it need to cover a broad base of users whose need of a tablet differs infinitely. The apps were meant to make the tablet personal and truly useful for the particular owner.

  12. 65,000 apps sound great, but 65,000 apps that are crap is not worth 1,000 amazing/good apps. Its better to have more good apps, because a bad app to me, might be a god app to someone else. Touchy situation in my opinion. Playbook will rock our socks either way!

  13. Well, since I’m sure I’ll look through at least 60k of the 65k, I’d say yes…lol

  14. Bang on, Luis! With the iPad 2 in the wings, NOW is the time for RIM to announce the PlayBook to swipe some potential customers from jumping on the iPad train. If RIM fails to at least announce the PlayBook and keep it on the minds of consumers so they won’t necessary flock to the party at Apple, they would be a complete no-show in the minds of consumers. RIM needs to announce something before March 11th!

  15. I only have about 30 apps on my BlackBerry, and 25 of them get used a lot. The other 5 are used occasionally and are mostly utilities. I fully agree that you don’t need 65K apps — who needs 40 different browsers? I only need one. Who needs 80 mail programs? I only need one. Who needs 400 different clocks and calculators? I only need one. Yes there is more choice on the iOS platform but the BlackBerry platform has similar breath, just not the depth.

    I only need 50 or so good apps, and I get that already. If my Storm had more RAM, I’d get my 50 choice apps 🙂

    I’m not having any delusions that a 512 MB device will do in the future. Today’s apps are already becoming quite large and complex. 2-5 MB apps are already here; just two years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find apps more than 512 KB — this is no longer true. At that rate of growth, you need at least 1 GB of RAM to store and run apps.

    RIM appears to have fixed this issue with the PlayBook as apps can be stored on internal RAM (64 GB, for example), but it still has 1 GB of RAM for running apps. This is what is needed on BlackBerry smartphones today.

  16. I say no not at-all. If the most used apps are available that would be fine.

  17. Considering an overwhelming majority of the apps in App World are junk, I would say we don’t need 65,000 apps to find the 20 good ones.

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