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Syncamatic Adds Security Features and Multi Calendar Sync

Syncamatic is one of the most feature filled yet relatively unknown solutions for synchronizing your address book, calendar, tasks, and memo from your BlackBerry to a PC or Mac or even their website. They have released a new version of their product (now v2.4) which enables a bunch more features that kind of remind me of the upcoming BlackBerry Protect product. The Syncamatic service can now helps you recover your lost BlackBerry and protect/recover the data stored on it from your web browser including the ability to:

  • Make your phone ring loudly even if you have your phone set to silent or vibrate only.
  • Lock your BlackBerry remotely. The lock screen will display your contact information and your BlackBerry will remain locked until you enter your Syncamatic password.
  • Use your BlackBerry’s GPS capabilities to locate your phone on a map.
  • Completely delete all contacts, calendar events, memos, and tasks from your BlackBerry remotely. Your data will be saved in your Syncamatic account and ready to sync to a new BlackBerry.
  • Check what personal data is accessible to anyone in possession of your phone. This contains a list of current phone information and your phone number, in case the SIM card has been changed.

The app is also now capable of multiple calendar access. That means users can now support multiple calendars from their BlackBerrys keeping them in sync. They are also finalizing the upcoming online file storage capability letting you access your computer files from your phone.

Check out all the details at

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  1. Anyone compared this to the MobileSync Pro Jay wrote about here?

  2. Probably another service that offers poor data protection by not encrypting the user’s data with their own password. Blackberry Protect will be a big disappointment if it doesn’t offer that functionality.

  3. I had a look at this app and was very concerned about the way it so freely copies all of your data to its web servers. When installed ,the free version without mail, instantly copies everything to its online web site. For me this was worrying as I keep a lot of personal information in my notes/memos folder. This program works by copying all of your data to its own system and then manages changes. This means all new emails, calendar items etc are all copied to its own servers – to me a massive breach of confidentiality. Ask yourself this – would you be happy with Blackberry – for example – allowing a 3rd party full access to your mail and folders – if not, don’t use this program.

    • I would offer a different opinion. Since I’ve actually USED the app so I guess I am qualify to point out a few things for these guys:
      – the link is 2048bit encrypted
      – the Push is the real BlackBerry deal, no fake, no timer pulling

      Privacy issue? Well I used Yahoo! for email, using Dropbox to sync my files… New technologies like this go by us so quickly if I restrict myself to my own server box located in my basement.

      The only thing they don’t offer, is that they don’t sync any emails. But I got BIS for that anyway.

  4. Johnny,

    You’re wrong to suggest I haven’t used – the product. I have – which is why I know what I am talking about.

    Looking at your pidgeon English you are also probably the guy who removed my posts on the Syncamatics site and refused to answer my claim that everything I said about the way this program handles data is true – it copies it all data to your web servers and synchronises from there. My completely valid point is that many people (myself included) do not want the whole of our mail/contacts/memos/calendar sent and stored on an external server – whether they guarantee encrytpion etc or not.

    Typically a device synchronises directly between mailstore and device – no extra 3rd location storage of the data is required to do it – which is what Syncamatics does.

    If people are happy with this – fine, personally I feel it is a risk I don’t want to take and I wish the manufacturers of this product were more honest about the way it works prior to inducing you to try it.

    There have also been claims from this company that my post amounts to an FUD attack- complete rubbish. I am informing potential users how this product works as I used it and it only became clear after I had installed and started using it what it did.

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