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RIM Execs Talk Up the BlackBerry Solution in Latest Videos

RIM has posted up a nice stream of videos where their executives including Mike Lazaridis talk about the BlackBerry solution. Mostly fluff pieces but still interesting to watch. They talk history, features, enterprise, consumer, and employee mobility. Check them out below:

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  1. Enough talk! Let’s see some action, RIM. Sorry, I may be a little peeved about RIM missing the boat and allowing the iPad 2 to sorta steal the PlayBook’s thunder. The PlayBook still has a bit of an edge and I like it’s openness compared to the iPad, but the iPad 2 will take away a lot of the PlayBook’s potential clientele.

    The iPad 2 is on a proven platform, and Apple has managed to curb many of the PlayBook’s apparent “advantages” like dual core processing — I doubt if iOS has true SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) or how well it supports multithreaded apps now that they’re doing more pre-emptive multitasking, but I know QNX is fully SMP and fully multithreaded.

    QNX is also a real-time OS (RTOS), which is way more demanding and refined that Apple will never get there with their current OS… not that they need to necessarily. According to Mikey, “you can’t just slap it on.” However, RIM can take advantage of QNX’s superior performance and leverage it to enable new applications that demand that kind of performance and power, such as mission critical apps. You’ve seen how sweet the PlayBook can run multiple videos and games all at the same time with no noticeable lag or jitter.

    One thing you’ll notice about QNX is that it is always fully responsive because there is nothing to pre-empt. The operating system is always fully responsive and can react to any event or situation in real-time with no delay.

    So what does the sweet union of QNX and RIM mean to you? I know what it means to me. I’m going with the PlayBook and BlackBerry 7 (QNX-based) as soon as it comes out!!! That can’t be soon enough for me!

    • Some corrections to my message:

      I totally mixed up the concepts of pre-emptive multitasking and cooperative multitasking. Apologies to you readers. I promise nothing funny was being smoked 🙂 QNX does use pre-emptive multitasking while some other OSes use a cooperative multitasking approach.

      With pre-emptive multitasking, QNX schedules the activities in very short timeslices so that it never allows one application to hog the system’s resources. This makes it very responsive.

      Cooperative multitasking is where the system has to wait for one app to finish before another app can use system resources. Most operating systems today are pre-emptive.

      What differs between QNX and regular pre-emptive OSes is the latency in task switching. There is a tremendous overhead in stopping one activity, flushing the CPU and cache, loading and executing the next activity, and so on. After all, system resources such as memory and CPU are very limited and must be shared among all running processes. The beauty of QNX is how efficient it is — very low latency task switching because of very tight and optimal coding.

    • Hi
      I think Apple’s arrogance is going to cost them big time. When the playbook comes out and allows the full internet with flash, apple will really look second class. Of course not to apple fan boys who always make excuses, but the typical consumer and maybe even some bloggers are just going to say why do we have to sacrifice when the Playbook can do it? Because Steve jobs says so isn’t going to cut it forever.
      If I were RIM I would just say that. “Do you like getting the internet on your computer? Then why settle for a tablet that doesn’t give it to you?”

  2. These videos are great. They define RIM as the business smartphone company. They’ve been doing a lot of consumer stuff lately and they risked distinguishing themselves from Apple Android.

  3. I’m putting a lot of hopes on Playbook. I have to really deliver. Ipad2 was a dissapointment…

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