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Poll: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 – How do They Stack Up?

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I know the iPad 2 announcement is still pretty fresh but I thought I would throw this poll up to gather your initial reaction to Apple’s announcement. I am really curious to see if the iPad 2 has changed the game for RIM in any way or if the PlayBook is still front and center in your mind. I know we will be seeing tons of PlayBook vs. iPad 2 comparisons in the upcoming months but let us know what you think in this poll!

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  1. Playbook seems the logical choice. It simply has all the iPad offers and MORE. The only thing iPads got on the Playbook is a huge number of apps… but I hope that’s about to change.

    • I still believe the PlayBook has more to offer including better booting executing, better browser, portability. But RIM really missed the opportunity to launch before the iPad.

  2. I still like the BB concept with the lighter and smaller package and the full web experience, however, the battery life and the number of practical applications are still unknowns.

  3. Still getting the playbook…. but RIM needs for followup with 9 or 10in version and the bold touch.

  4. IPad II, at least from initial impressions from the launch, seems targeted more directly against the Xoom. If you were in a store with a Xoom next to an IPad I, the comparative thickness of the IPad was obvious.

    I know I’ve seen criticisms elsewhere about how long its take RIM to get the Playbook to market, and how a number of others will have gotten the drop on them, but I continue to think that the quality and merit of the Playbook will tell the story. As it stands now, even with today’s Apple announcement, the Playbook looks intriguing enough for me to wait.

  5. It looks like Playbook is better in hardware but Apple has a lot of app that run smoothly. I will hope that BlackBerry have a tons app and games like Apple.

  6. The PlayBook is the better tablet. It runs a more powerful OS engine and will be much more flexible as time wears on. And its a RIM product and that is all that matters to me.

  7. Playbook. I have no interest in having to download an app for each website I want to visit. F*ck, i’d need literally 100+ apps installed just to browse the sites I visit during any given month.

  8. In the Apple demo, Steve Jobs emphasizes the thinness of IPad 2, calling it revolutionary I think to hide the fact it’s just an over glorified refresh: still no flash; you have to use a dongle $30 to connect with the HDMI port; you are unable to use the tablets 3G for your phone; limited compatibility. Same old Apple strategy: add some minor improvements then call it revolutionary. With the Playbook, your getting the fastest, most effecient OS available along with the security that is RIMM. Throw in some quality apps and you have a winner.

  9. I was hoping a lot for iPad 2. But it was a bit of a dissapointment after reading the specs, the looks…

    As a BB user logically Playbook would be much more functional and integrate seamlessly with my life, but I’m still not convinced yet either… Lots of dissapointments had come from BB devices. I trully hope the Playbook wil deliver.

  10. this is not even a contest. Ipad will be embarrassed

  11. …playbook is going to have Android’s Apps…

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