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German Politician Tracked Using Cellphone Records… Creepy

Tracking Cellphone

In recent TV shows I keep on seeing law enforcement using cell phones to track criminals. The amount of information they can find about where you are and what you were doing while you were there is kind of mind blowing. We have seen similar things before where people would use Twitter, Foursquare, or other services to track your location but this latest example was done by a German politician. Malte Spitz managed to get six months worth of data the carrier, Deutsche Telekom, had on him and submitted it to Zeit Online (German Newspaper) which turned it into a web app where you can track the politician using these logs.

The tracking system is in German so it is a bit hard to follow but the icons and movements for 6 months is pretty crazy. I have been trying to do some digging into what kind of records carriers in the US keep but have not managed to get very far. Just imagine. In the future when you get a speeding ticket your carrier could actually prove how fast you were going.

Check out the tracking app simulation from your desktop at this link (German).

via Ghacks – Thanks Aseem for the tip!

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  1. Its crazy to think what things can be found out by cell phones. Might be time to start hiding my steps.

  2. So how do we cover our tracks hehe.

  3. Its crazy how even without gps enabled they can still track you

  4. “Deutsche Telekom”, not “Dutsche” 😉

  5. Actually this “6 month data store” is not in use. The German law for the “Vorratsdatenspeicherung” has been cancelled by the “Bundesverfassungsgericht” at March 2nd 2010 because it stays in conflict with the German constitution. Actually there are some discussions about it but nothing concrete.

  6. Install LitteBrother on your BlackBerry and you will be surprised what kind of marks you are leaving…

  7. Nobody can seriously be surprised in our post 9/11 world that this info exists. And look a Mumbai, they figured out what those guys had been up to going back MONTHS before their acts.

    On the one hand we scream invasion of privacy, on the other we ask why the fire dept can’t find us immediately if we crash our car in a deserted back road.

    And then we have the folks publishing their every move to twitter or facebook or whatever.

    And if you think leaving the phone at home means you want be tracked, keep in mind most all car nav systems have some sort of history in them too.

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