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Are You a BlackBerry Addict? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions.

I have been reprimanded and embarrassed on more than one occasion, messing with my BlackBerry when I know I shouldn’t. At church, at work, at school, in meetings and at home.

Whether I’m responding to email, checking scores, playing games, chatting with friends, or reading blogs, I find the need to have my BlackBerry with me at ALL times. I admit, I am one of the “BlackBerry people” that Jerry Seinfeld refers to. I walk around holding the BlackBerry, because that is what BlackBerry commands me to do. I have also been guilty of the “creepy head down” on occasion, much to the dismay of my loving wife.

I have learned a simple rule: If you feel like you might get in trouble for using your BlackBerry, you probably shouldn’t be using your BlackBerry.

If you think you might be a BlackBerry addict, take this short quiz from the LA Times to find out:

Question 1 – Do you find yourself getting less done than before you were so linked in?

  • Studies have shown that multitasking takes longer than completing the same tasks separately.

Question 2 – Do you find it difficult not to check for emails or take a call when you’re in the middle of a conversation or meeting?

  • This is exactly where the “creepy head down” syndrome can take effect.

Question 3 – Are you getting too attached to technology that you no longer have time to think?

  • Quiet meditation seems to be a lost art.

If you answered yes to all 3 questions I would recommend starting this 12-Step Program suggested by Peter Lattman of the Wall Street Journal. Either that, or you could buy this Freedom app to force you to lay off the BB.

I think we could all benefit from a little BB downtime…wait, what’s that red blinking? …Gotta go!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. I didn’t answer yes to any of the questions and I still feel that I’m an addict. I love my BlackBerry.

  2. well those questions hit right below the belt….guess am a BB addict afterall

  3. The green charging light, especially, has been my “mood lighting” for bedtime for quite sometime 🙂 That was worth a chuckle, Jay! Thanks.

  4. Hah – the ad served up for me on this page is “Sober College: NOt your ordinary rehab”.

    • Hahaha! Ya, the ads are definitely targeted at addicts. Mine says, “Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Contact Valiant Recovery for our private luxury rehab.

      Gotta love those google ads!

  5. Good article Jay. Did you come up the pictures as well. The wedding cake pictures sums it up pretty well, although it should be a playbook instead of a dell laptop but comical either way. I enjoy my blackberry and I am definitely a heavy user but I do have a personal line that I refuse to cross.

  6. I’ll admit, the limitations I’ve set are not based on usage but rather location. My blackberry does not come to church with me, I don’t even leave it in the car, it instead it stays at home. Another one is my blackberry never comes to the dinner table with me. I’ll leave the ringer on, but I’m not checking any emails and it’s usually on a different floor. And the other is, it automatically shuts off at midnight every day.

  7. Hahaha nice tip!

  8. Find out for sure…
    I Love BlackBerry app.

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