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Will the BlackBerry PlayBook Launch in March?


RIM has really be drawing out the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook. When they first announced it back in September they said it “is expected to be available in retail outlets and other channels in the United States in early 2011 with rollouts in other international markets beginning in (calendar) Q2.” We have also had RIM CEO’s go on record a few times over the past few months saying it would be coming out in Q1 of 2011 though I had a friend mention they seem to be trying to stretch it into April. Leaks from last month point to the 3G versions coming in March/April though RIM’s official confirmation of those versions does not mention a time frame.

So now that we are in the last day of February I am wondering if I will have my own PlayBook in my hands by the end of March. I am really hoping that RIM blows our mind and releases it next week but with the retail strategy RIM seems to be planning to employ I feel we would have heard more leaks about it.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that we see at least the Wi-Fi version launch in Q1! I really just wish RIM would put us out of our misery and simply announce when the device will be available. It could be they just want to be able to beat any iPad 2 to market.

If you want to make it a little fun lets place some guesses in the comments on when the Wi-Fi version will launch. I am going to select March 23rd just for good luck. 🙂

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  1. Well, I certainly hope you’re right on Mar 23 and if it comes sooner, even better but I’m cautiously optimistic. They haven’t even announced an official date yet and I imagine there will be several launch parties first before they arrive in store…even if they had 1 a week and got it got on the 23rd, RIM fans are looking at an exciting month and RIM is looking at a very busy month.

  2. And, hopefully Blackberry Protect full release on the 23rd as well?!?

  3. Thursday March 31.
    But I don’t honestly believe it will be available for purchase in March.

    • I think you’re right. I think we’ll get an official date and see the launch parties but I’m not sure it will be available to all by the end of March.

  4. Ima guess March 17th. That sounds like a good day. 🙂

  5. My guess is March 21. It would be the perfect day.

  6. Any day in March would be fine with me.

  7. Which days are week 17 in?

  8. March 23rd would be great!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah anytime in March is fine. I just don’t wanna hear its been delayed. A lot is riding on the PlayBook for RIM. I think its because its the first real consumer product that RIM is trying to make it seem like its for business.

  10. RIM is waiting to see Apple’s move on Wednesday, my guess is that the Playbook release date will be announced shortly after this Wednesday’s iPad event.

  11. I’m thinking the delay is getting Android app support! We’ve seen much of what we need to see except for BBM and videoconferencing. From what I’ve seen, the device is fairly stable, so I don’t think RIM will disappoint. March 28th is a Monday 🙂

  12. Have you guys seen this video? MAN, I want one of those!!!! Incredible performance like nothing else around.

    This will be one smokin’ HOT gaming platform! Forget about Nintendo & iPod & iPad — the PlayBook IS the gaming platform of the future.

  13. Forgot to post the video link:


  14. April 1st for sure. Then if anything goes wrong RIM can claim it was all an April Fool’s prank.

  15. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. They will announce on Monday the 14th with shipping on the 28th.

    • I’d buy that!!! So let’s really investigate what may be missing that RIM still has to work on…

      I’ve already mentioned BBM and videoconferencing, but what about:

      – phone capabilities
      – podcasts — have we seen this?
      – social feeds
      – RSS feeds
      – universal search
      – Documents To Go!
      – Google Maps 🙂 Sorry I really am addicted to Satellite View on Google Maps!!!
      – Actually, Google Earth! Sweet!!!

      Can you think of anything else that might be missing? Considering we saw the PlayBook in February, it now has Portrait View, and I think we’re getting close to having all these remaining apps & functionality in about 3-4 weeks… close to that magic Feb 28th date 🙂

      I love the fact that EA is offering two great freebies with the PlayBook: Need for Speed & Tetris. If this is any indication of what the PlayBook is capable of, the gaming apps on this baby will totally rock!

      I’d like to play games like chess with remote players too as if they were here, or mix it up with a networked first person shooter game! The performance on this thing will enable a HUGE number of possibilities, as Dave Dodge (QNX CEO) alluded to.

      • Kill the phone capabilities as RIM’s answer is to tether with a BlackBerry! Non-BlackBerry users will just have to ditch their iPhones and Androids to get phone capabilities on the PlayBook.

  16. My guess is they will announce the release date on March 8 and you will be able to have your Playbook on March 18!

  17. Hey, Ronen, a great opportunity for a contest: guess the PlayBook launch date!

    I think we’ll see an announcement within days.

    (I’m just looking for more opportunities to win one 🙂 Hee Hee!!)

  18. Announcements will happen on March 22, 2011.

  19. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!

  20. I doubt it would fly, but it would be cool if there was a surprise announcement March 2, just minutes after apples release, if RIM stepped up and released the playbook for the same day same stores.

    Two stores on the same block increases the sales potential in the area, I wonder what two tablets on the same day might do?

    • lol, I was thinking why not just minutes before but then I realized you’re giving Apple the chance to steal your thunder, I like your thought of just minutes after, steal their thunder

      • RIM could have shipped inJan or Feb and tomorrow’s iPad2 announce would still have stolen the thunder. Look at the Xoom…best of show at CES and all most people can say in reviews is along the lines of “it’s the best Android tablet for sure, but let’s see what iPad2 brings to the table”.

        Apple has a near insurmountable lead, which pains me to say.

  21. Announced March 10, released March 21. :p

  22. I say either the 21st or 25th of March…

  23. I’m not sure when it will release, but I’m starting to think they should announce and release on the same day. Something over-the-top big.

  24. It will have to be a fast launch to make it happen in the next 4 weeks.

    • My thoughts exactly. My guess is at minimum, they have an NYC and San Fran launch party…guess if they did announcement week 1, nyc week 2, san fran week 3, and public week 4 they could pull it off 🙂

  25. Wouldn’t a March release date be great. I think it will probably drag on into April. I guess 13th April.

    With a UK release in August. :'(

  26. i say march 9th a week after the ipad announcement

  27. Sorry folks, based on what I’m hearing, and other valuable ammo provided by Joolie — sorry I hate you now :), the PlayBook will likely launch in April. Grrrh!

    It appears that RIM has quite a bit of Enterprise stuff to clean up on the PlayBook, especially policy management. They’re still missing some stuff and there is a fair amount of fine tuning to be done. I think they’ll try to mitigate the heat by giving some hints at the end of the month or early April.

    I think perhaps RIM is also looking to see how the iPad 2 will go down.

    Seriously, I think it would be a mistake to miss this window of opportunity as the iPad 2 will steal PlayBook’s thunder with their own. We will find out what the PlayBook’s main competition will be like tomorrow (Apple’s big announcement, Wednesday).

    Also, a flood of cheap Android tablets are poised to fill store shelves. RIM doesn’t want to be too far behind and play “me too!” to too many folks. You lose the edge and the free marketing the press will give you.

    We heard that a Taiwanese firm was producing 200,000 units a month, so I think the hardware specs are firm, but the software still needs work; however, by the summer, we won’t be talking “best of class” hardware anymore.

    On a happier note, the following video shows Documents to Go apps, AppWorld, and Google Maps!!! Make me a believer!

  28. cant wait to get my hands on one!

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