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Last Day to WIN a BlackBerry PlayBook in our Rewards Contest!

PlayBook_Angle_1February truly flew by fast. Today is the last day with a BlackBerry PlayBook up for grabs in our February BerryReview Rewards Contest Redux. The contest is still going on with a BlackBerry PlayBook (base model) when it is publicly available or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate as the prize. With all the news on the PlayBook this is a great way to get one for free when it comes out!

As many of you know every comment, forum post, and tip submission you make on BerryReview during the month of February 2011 will be counted as an entry to win. That means every forum post or comment you contribute increases your chances of winning! You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of March.

You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post. So what are you waiting for? Today is the last chance to win this months PlayBook!

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PS: With the wild success of both the January and February Rewards contest we are taking suggestions on what we should try to do for next month! Let us know in the comments!

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  1. good luck to all and thanks again everybody at BR for this oppertunity

  2. I’m so glad they decided to run another contest this month. I’d love to see them continue until the PlayBook is finally released.

  3. I hope that I win! :)

  4. I want this playbook very much!
    I hope I win!

  5. It’s difficult for me to buy a playbook in China! I want win this playbook very much!

  6. I can’t believe its almost over. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity. I hope I win, but if not a very jealous congrats.

  7. My BB just crappedout on me. BB Playbook would be nice as option:-)
    Good Luck Guys!!!! Thanks BR Team

  8. GOOD LUCK to Barry (again), Jay, DavidB, Daniel, BarracudaBob, babisboi… EVERYONE in the contest… All the best… big up unnu self, bless up

  9. I would lobe a PlayBook!

    Thanks for the contest.


  10. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to win. I’d love a PlayBook.

  11. Please make me the coolest person in my office! That can only happen if I win this playbook.

  12. Hm maybe a headset next month 😀 Or an app.

    The playbook is a really big prize ^^

  13. Hope I am eligible this time (with a official states address now!) 😀

    I think we should continue next month. As for now, I shall head off to my 2 weeks of exams

  14. Here is to a good shot at trying to win. All the best to the berry enthusiasts…..

  15. I would love a Playbook. Thanks.

  16. Since I found out about the contest today, this will be my only participation. i think it will be easier to win the lottery…

  17. Playbook will be nice, I can see RIM a company that want to “feel” the customers.
    Good for us

  18. What’s it gonna be after this?
    IOU for the upcoming blackberry?

  19. need some luck today please

  20. As today is my birthday, I will take this one chance at magic of winning.

  21. I think everyone can benefit from this multimedia tool, and its fun too! Cant wait to Tweet and watch you Tube videos on it. might not need my glasses! And the best thing about it… its #BlackBerry

  22. Last day… Hey, you never know!

  23. I’m looking forward to the release of the playbook.

  24. i would love to make my ifan sister jealous with this PB.

  25. Please pick me…..

  26. Good luck to everyone. I won’t hold my breath since I wasn’t able to rack up the thousands of posts as I planned. As for the next month’s prize, I think that the Amazon gift card is an awesome idea. Amazon is by far my favorite place to shop. Great prices, no tax, no shipping charges in most cases. I even bought a laundry machine from them once. They hauled it up to my apartment for free. Very hard to beat this.

  27. Sweet contest. Imahopin!

  28. fingers crossed!!x

  29. Only a few hours left! I hope I’ve posted enough to at least stand a slim chance.

  30. Since I’m dying, slaving away trying to build a PlayBook app for the life of me to win one from RIM, doubts has cast its spell and replaces my hunger, social life and has caused insomniac days. I must win this PlayBook for it would restore my hunger, engage a social surrounding and bring me back to healthier sleep-filled nights. Oh, take pity on me fellow Berry men and women and let me win oh I dare say let me win!

  31. Screw winning an Oscar…Let me win a PlayBook!

  32. pick me
    be a player
    be a player

  33. Forum’s so quiet… its like the deep breath before the plunge…

  34. This is my final post of the contest. I’ll be dreaming of a new PlayBook tonight. I hope that’s not the closest I get to one. See you all tomorrow.

  35. One cannot brag about being a multi platform gamer without owning a tablet, I need this PlayBook for those bragging rights!

  36. Thank you for another great contest. The chance to win a PlayBook is just off-the-scale exciting!

    (hope I win, hope I win, hope I win…)

  37. WHEN I win my PlayBook I will write a blog about it so all can know how awesome it is!

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