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Developers Sound Off on BlackBerry PlayBook Development


It has been an interesting few days in the BlackBerry PlayBook development field. One potential BlackBerry PlayBook developer went on a rant and the snowball has continued. This is NOT a bad thing for RIM. They are getting feedback directly from the development community which means that there is not only interest but quite a few developers working on the PlayBook.

If you are interested to see what some developers think about BlackBerry PlayBook development I highly recommend checking out these two threads on the official BlackBerry Forums:

I am finding that many developers are saying that while the PlayBook development tools are a bit clumsy they are not impossible. If you are determined to make a BlackBerry app don’t let these rants deter you. The complaints are in hopes that RIM will fix the tools and offer clear plans on when they plan on doing so. Some of these things are issues RIM could fix in a few days if they put their mind to them and I am hoping they do but they are in no way deal breakers.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I totally agree that this is not a bad thing for RIM. There are problems with the process that have been pointed out. I’m not sure if RIM initially thought it wasn’t a big deal, but they know now exactly what developers don’t like.

    Knowing how pro-developer RIM has professed to be (super app = free PlayBook), they should make the appropriate changes and have the issues resolved as soon as possible. Which isn’t that long considering the suggested changes.

  2. To have a successful product, the PlayBook should have these factors:

    1. Ease of usability and functionality.
    2. A significant number of quality apps/games that take full advantage of its all its features.
    3. An effecient app store that people can get apps and another one for media.
    4. A number of developers on board to create these quality apps.
    5. A great marketing campaign to make the playbook look cool and exciting.

    Out of these items, the App store could use a little work.

  3. With this kind of feedback, theres only one direction to go… UP

  4. I hope they pay attention, RIM needs as many new developers as they can!

  5. RIM definitely needs to pay attention to what the developers are saying. If they want to flourish as a company they need the developers to be behind them. If the developers are unhappy then RIM needs to address the issues and hopefully resolve them.

    • Do they really “definitely need to pay attention to what the developers are saying”? Last I checked, developers have to have something to develop on first. If the OS manufacturers wanted to ignore them they could. Communicating helps but its not an absolute.

  6. well they really need to hear the voice of the developers to know wats happenin,developers ranting about the SDK bin tough to install is not good at all for thier image

  7. I suppose they are taking one step at a time, though very slow steps!

  8. Some of us have been saying these sorts of things for a couple years now without RIM listening. Just look back in the archives here for some examples. Maybe high profile complaining is what is needed, the low key approach hasn’t got results.

  9. I like the follow up Jamie wrote and I like that RIM responded and responded fast.

  10. A new “getting started” guide has been posted to the devblog, it lays out the steps pretty cleanly for webworks deployment to the tablet:

    • im not sure what the whole issue is here, they did the live webcasts which can be watched back, and go through getting set up, the resources ARE there.
      also just to clear the devs point on app store costs, apple doesnt cost $99, its $99 a year recurring. huge difference.

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