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Will RIM Make New Device Announcements at CTIA?


We have been waiting patiently for RIM to announce two pieces of information. First of all there is the obvious need to know exactly when the BlackBerry PlayBook will launch. Secondly RIM has been super quiet about what the next lineup of BlackBerry smartphones will look like. It has been ages since the BlackBerry Style launched and the BlackBerry Bold 9780 does not count.

That makes me wonder. Will RIM make any major announcements at CTIA Wireless 2011 in Florida from March 22-24? They definitely need to let out when the PlayBook will launch sooner rather than later so hopefully we hear that before the 22nd. Still it makes me wonder if RIM will announce these new BlackBerry devices we have heard rumored like the Torch 2, BlackBerry Bold Touch, Curve, and others for both CDMA and GSM networks. The question is if RIM will wait until May for their BlackBerry World conference.

Last year RIM did announce the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and BlackBerry Bold 9650 at WES (which is now called BlackBerry World) but I am really hoping they do not wait that long. Current users are dying to know exactly when they will be getting updates since the BlackBerry lineup on many carriers, especially CDMA carriers, is getting really stale.

What do you think?

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  1. i mean i agree that it has been a while for new devices but it can be worse…. look at window’s phones, before windows phone 7 came out there was a huge time gap between their devices. at least blackberries are getting updated

  2. I don’t think anything new is coming out until June, so I would guess that RIM waits until WES to announce anything…

  3. I agree. RIM needs to announce some devices ASAP especially for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. They were completely overshadowed by Android at CES and the MWC. They can’t keep showing off the PlayBook at every trade show/conference. That’s just not going to cut it. If you’ve been paying attention to the market share charts over the last year or so, they’ve been losing a ton of market share in the U.S., mostly to Android. As an example, Blackberry’s share of Verizon’s smartphone sales was 90% in Oct 2009 (before the Motorola Droid was released) and by Nov 2010 it was less than 20%. During the same period the share of the manufacturers who make Android devices grew. And they’re not only losing market share, they’re losing mind share. People are talking less and less about Blackberries and more about everything else, especially Android. I want to see them announce the Blackberry Storm 3 Monaco and the Torch 2 at CTIA. There are many Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers who are waiting for a high end touch screen Blackberry. At least AT&T customers have the Torch even though I don’t consider that to be high end. If RIM doesn’t at least announce some new devices soon, more and more people are going to get tired of waiting and switch to Android, Windows Phone 7 and in the case of Verizon the iPhone.

  4. I hope so. Hopefully the playbook will arrive in stores that same week or the following week since that is the end of March but there seems to be an awful lot of hyping for these conferences (CES, MWD, and now CTIA) and then it falls short. Didn’t RIM create an app just for MWD and then what big news was announced there?

  5. Firm dates on when the new devices are expected to come out will not only generate buzz, excitement and mindshare but it will also help developers like us plan better. So when the devices do come out we have apps ready for them.

  6. They need to do something and announcing a release date for the PlayBook would make sense. I think the new phones are still a ways off and will wait until later.

    • I agree. I see them announcing a release date for the PlayBook but waiting on the new device announcement. There’s not as big of a need to announce the new devices since the OS won’t be revolutionary like it is on the PlayBook. Therefore developers already know what they need to know (I’m assuming of course) to create apps.

  7. I hope that we do get a release for the new phones at CTIA. They need to just announce the PlayBook at this next conference. Sprint and Verizon really do need some new phones.

  8. hmmm…. i think RIM is taking too long. there is a fine line between make and break..

  9. Dakota? 😀

  10. They would be wise to leak their roadmap, but no specific specs on devices, the 9800 tanked, and the 9780 is nothing good.

    Their last great device was the 9700 16 months ago.

    If they can’t get something good working in the next 12 months I’m going android 100%

    • I would not say the 9800 tanked. Not by a long shot. Its been a huge seller for RIM. The 9780 is the most solid BB currently on the market in my opinion. Tried and tested form factor and powerful enough hardware to run things smoothly. Its a definite step up from the 9700.

      Android? Really? You’ll be back. 🙂

      • Jay, I thought I could never give up my Blackberry for anything else but I was wrong. I’m a member of something called the Verizon Wireless Customer Council and Verizon sends phones to the members of the council to try out. I got to try the Motorola Droid in Nov 2009 but there were some annoying things about the user interface so I ended up getting a Storm2 on my own. Fast forward 5 months later to April, 2010 when I got to try the Droid Incredible and it was better but I still went back to my Storm2. Finally in July I got to try the Droid X and I never went back. Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 fixed some of my user interface complaints from Android 2.0. Plus the Swype keyboard made typing pretty easy so I didn’t miss my Blackberry that much. The only things I missed from my Blackberry was BBM and the universal inbox. Android devices are much faster (no more annoying BB hourglass), have a ton of free apps and widgets available, are much more customizable and have a great web browser.

        RIM really needs to step up their game. Even some of the specifications of the upcoming Blackberry Storm 3 Monaco look dated even though it’s not out yet. It has a 3.7″ 800 x 480 pixel display and a 5mp camera. The original Motorola Droid from Nov 2009 had a 3.7″ 854 x 480 pixel display and a 5mp camera so the Monaco is coming out this year yet some of the specs are similar to phones from 2009. At least the Monaco will have a 1.2 GHz processor so it should be much faster.

        As far as the Torch 9800 goes, RIM should have released it on multiple carriers. I would have given AT&T only a 3 month exclusive from mid August to mid Nov and then released it on other carriers right before the Christmas shopping season. As we can see from the market share numbers, they lost even more market share in the 4th quarter (mostly to Android). RIM must have thought that people would switch to AT&T for the Torch. I’m sorry but the Torch is not the iPhone. It’s specs were a joke compared to other high end phones. I’m going to guess that very few people switched. Most of the people who got the Torch were probably existing Blackberry users who wanted to upgrade. Maybe some were existing non-smartphone users who wanted to get their first Blackberry.

  11. The new line up brings some updgrades, but I am mostly unimpressed…RIM needs to be doing more. Translate their strategy with the Playbook into their smartphones. Leap frog the competition not try to keep up. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for blackberry phones.

  12. Hopefully when they are designing the QNX phones they will try to do more than just keep up with the competition. They need to really shake things up and break new ground.

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