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Rewards Contest Reminder – Win a BlackBerry PlayBook!


HappyCatFebruary is really passing us by and we are getting closer and closer to the BlackBerry PlayBook launch which is promised in Q1 of this year. We wanted to remind you that our February BerryReview Rewards Contest Redux is coming to a close with a BlackBerry PlayBook (base model) when it is publicly available or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate as the prize. The best part is that it is super easy to enter!

Every comment, forum post, and tip submission you make on BerryReview during the month of February 2011 will be counted as an entry to win. That means every forum post or comment you contribute increases your chances of winning! (Spammy behavior will get your disqualified)

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of March. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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  1. I’d love to win!

  2. Almost time for a winner! I do so hope its meeeee

  3. Best of luck to everyone! This is such a great contest.

  4. Will the winner be chosen by a cat again? 😀

  5. So the real question is — how much has commenting/posting gone up since you started?

  6. Woot

  7. Will we see a repeat of the contest for the 2nd straight month?

  8. I would love to win the playbook after hearing about it for so long.

  9. @berryreview
    will you give angry farm together with Playbook? 😀

  10. I KNOW I left a comment here before, but where is it???

    Well my vote’s in again!

  11. cant wait 4 the winner to be announced i hope its me!!

  12. I’m sooooooo needing this….

  13. sweet contest!

  14. I can’t believe that the month is almost over. Thanks again Berryreview for another chance to win.

  15. thanks GOD for the playbook

  16. wish i win one… :’-(

  17. So is that a photo of the selection committee?

  18. So, RIM is ready to release the PlayBook… but I have a dozen Qs:

    1. Is RIM going to manage this launch well? This is their biggest product launch since the first BlackBerry. They can do it but they cannot stumble as the competition is hot on their heels!
    2. Will RIM release the PlayBook with WiFi & 3G — I certainly hope so!!! 4G can come later, but we must have 3G today!
    3. How many units will RIM sell in the first 30 days? I guess they’re limited to 200,000 units per month — sad as I think they can sell much more with the proper hype & marketing strategies :( I wonder if the PlayBook get some high profile ads on TV?
    4. Will the PlayBook really be sold for less than $500 without carrier discounts?
    5. Will RIM be able to meet the demand?
    6. Is the “BlackBerry Amplified” experience limited only to BB OS 6 devices?
    8. Just how many PlayBook specific apps are in App World? I know the PlayBook will run existing BlackBerry apps, but I really don’t know what specific PlayBook apps are on the horizon.
    9. Will we be able to run Android apps on the PlayBook?
    10. Will Apple’s iPad 2 up-sell the PlayBook when it is released? I guess I’ve already answered that since RIM is gearing for only 200,000 units per month; however, it would be interesting to see if the demand for the PlayBook is higher.
    11. Will RIM have a video-enabled BBM ready to go on the PlayBook?
    12. Will we be able to get a PlayBook in the hands of Steve Jobs? :) Selling points: easier to carry, wicked dual-core performance, sexier UI, ‘can’t-touch-this’ total web experience!

    • Whoa! I only counted 11!!! Okay then…

      7. How will I keep my PlayBook away from others? 😉 Any strategies?!? My kids will probably own it after the first day.

    • Hey Joe! Lots of good questions that could start some good discussion. I’ll tack a whack at answering them from what I know/think.
      1.) A well managed launch will be very important. It will be interesting to see how they run things but I think they can make it work.
      2.) The only evidence I’ve seen of anybody selling the PB at all was on an Office Depot computer. It was the wifi only model. It would be cool if carriers coordinated things and offered the 3G version at the same time of the mass release of the PlayBook
      3.) I’m not sure about the 200K limit. Where did you hear about that. I find it hard to believe that RIM would limit themselves right off the bat. I bet we’ll see tv ads in early March.
      4.) The wifi only 16GB version is rumored to sell for $499.99 but RIM put out a survey about price points so this could change. The 3G and other carrier versions I’m not sure about. They would likely be more off contract.
      5.) I hope so. If they’re planning on a late March/early April release, stores and carriers should be receiving shipments in the next couple of weeks. I’m sure RIM has done their homework and market research to have a good idea of what to expect. Who knows though, if the marketing is done well, they might sell out quickly.
      6.) I’m not familiar with BlackBerry Amplified
      7.) You missed number 7. Haha. :)
      8.) There are a few amazing apps not on App World like Need for Speed, Tetris and a few awesome TAT apps. From what I’ve seen, there aren’t a huge amount of PlayBook specific apps on App World yet, but they’ll come. Especially with the ease of development facilitated by Adobe Air, OpenGL, QNX, etc.
      9.) Yes
      10.) The iPad 2 will probably outsell the PlayBook. Not necessarily because its better though.
      11.) Not from what I’ve heard. That would be a cool surprise though.
      12.) He probably already has one. That’s what he uses to run iPad 2 design apps that are too complicated for the iPad to run. :)

      • Sad, but true:

        I think we saw Office Depot or Staples offering a training session for their employees on the PlayBook somewhere mid-March, so I think we’re looking at an end of March release date :) Sweeet!

        RIM is selling the PlayBook as “BlackBerry Amplified”, but I understand a special app will be required to get that experience. It will be sweet but I still have a 5.0 BlackBerry… very patiently waiting for the Storm 3!!!!!

        RIM is really pushing video conferencing on the PlayBook (see the home page), but as Ronen also pointed out, where is the app for that?!?

        Hey, Ronen, how likely are we to see Android apps on the PlayBook at launch?

        Good answer on #12 :) Since the iPad can’t and won’t (according to Jobs) run flash apps or video — hee hee!!!

        • Thanks for the link. I actually did read that back when it was first on the site but obviously did not retain very much important info. :) There’s got to be something more going on that just that one plant don’t you think?

          Good point. The dual cameras and videoconferencing capabilities have been publicized but no specific app has been announced that will run it. Strange. It seems like a pretty simple interface, similar to facetime.

        • Yes! You do see what I mean!! It does look a lot like Facetime and it suggests BBM rather than Skype, although I am sure there will be a Skype app for PlayBook as well.

          RIM’s recent literature on BBM suggests the following:

          “Anytime camera: bring real-time media and video streaming to your apps.”


          “Developers can use a variety of APIs to give their apps read access to BBM contact lists, user profiles and groups, while enabling users of their apps to chat and share files such as pictures, voice notes, videos and music.”

          These certainly suggest that the current BBM API supports the built in camera(s) and video :) RIM, we’re seeing some wonderful signs :=)

  19. Will you give it to me????????

  20. The first accessory I want for my PlayBook would be a foldable keyboard… after the sexy slip case, of course :)

    I’m sure the on-board keyboard is fine, but for serious typing, a full-sized foldable keyboard would be a must have!

    What other accessories are you guys interesting in? I’m sure car chargers would be a necessity too!

    • I would love to get the convertible case as an accessory.

      You should join us in the forums Joe! There is a whole section dedicated to all things PlayBook!

      • Thanks Jay, I’ll check out the forums 😉 I don’t always have time to post, but I monitor posts regularly :) I’m kinda hoping that the blog gurus will find tidbits of info — the real goods — on the hot topics: currently, for RIM, that is the PlayBook and future generations of devices running OS 6.1. BR does a decent job even when BlackBerry news is thin & sketchy.

        As a side note, I’d like to see more folks doing quick reviews of apps and accessories.

        I blame RIM for not keeping the buzz going. Again, where are the RIM marketing folks?!? Can RIM not keep just one BlackBerry magazine alive? Yeah, blogs are more up-to-date, but the average user is not reading these posts — they just getting overwhelmed at the magazine shop with a multitude of iPhone mags telling them they have an obscure and perhaps out-of-date device. Strategic leaks are nice, but BR and CB are the ones who are really creating the buzz around BlackBerry products & features. Okay, RIM did pull a few good stunts at WES & DevCon to get us all excited & revved up. RIM needs BR & CB more than they know because they do a really lousy selling job. How long did it take for them to recognize the value of BBM? Indeed, AT&T had to help push the Torch.

        I believe if RIM survives this next 12 months will its current base of subscribers, they would have bit the bullet. RIM is in a very fortunate position being in a rapidly growing market segment with some strong up & coming contenders (to push them!). They’ve been pushed aside by Apple and Google, but they’re not out of the picture just yet.

        Transitioning from one OS platform to another is always a very delicate process. The corporate culture must be flexible enough and conscientious about the current consumer base as well as new target markets — how much backwards compatibility do you need?

        I think most folks are quiet eager to move forward in this market segment where the leading edge is very razor-like. Of course, consumers expect stability and reliability but they also want the latest & greatest. It’s more than just pushing the envelope and it is sometimes just the cool factor.

        We saw some recent radical prototypes of what future smartphones would or could look like. I really think they need to look at some of those designs to further define their products as the “Mercedes” of smartphones, rather than the run-of-the-mill type devices that look like any other cheap Android offering, except sporting the BlackBerry badge of honour. The shiny BlackBerry logo on the back is a respected statement, at least for now.

        I missed the real significance of the Torch as an effective platform-leading BlackBerry. It first seemed like a catch-all device to launch BB 6 offering both a physical keyboard and touchscreen; however, it was much more. I suppose also, in the absence of a decent touchscreen BlackBerry (are we listening RIM?!?) the Torch filled that void.

        In reality, the Torch is not a platform-leading device. It fell far short of the competition in terms of specs and performance but RIM was able to use it to launch OS 6, which was the biggest OS upgrade we’ve seen in a few years. RIM has strong supporters but patience will eventually wear thin as carrier contracts expire and many, many more choices suddenly become available.

        I cannot believe I am waiting 8 more months for a Storm 3. Is my Storm 1 so great and able to keep up with the demands I put on it? Coff! I’ve seen far too many cycling clocks especially since I’m always short on RAM. Thanks, RIM for offering to remove apps rather than terminate running apps!! Nevertheless, I stick with it because I love the device. For the most part, it is solid & it works, but I won’t just go for the Storm 2 or the Torch. I now know what is required to run the tools I want and need and anything less than a 1 GHz processor just won’t do. In fact, anything less than 512 MB of RAM is hopeless. The thing is, we all have to live with these phones for 2-3 years, so I’m not just buying for today but I’m buying for the next two years.

        Hopefully, RIM will get the PlayBook out and start pushing out some real competitive handsets that deliver quality & performance. Yes, I do respect the need for the battery to last at least 18 hours of regular use, but that should not significantly offset performance. Regarding quality, I won’t compromise. It’s got to be stable and reliable. I can’t miss calls because my phone was busy doing something else!

  21. wow. i want that playbook 😀

  22. I love this contest, thank you berryreview

  23. hopefully I win it!

  24. This is an awesome contest!

  25. Make my day if i Won– does it come in Pink 😉 😉

  26. Come on!!!!! I can’t wait to see who wins!

  27. Let me save my $500 and have a playbook *Crossing fingers

  28. It’s winding down to the end. I hope I stand a chance at winning.

  29. Is there such a things as newbie luck? hehe

  30. I think the Blackberry Playbook will be under rated by the Tech press, but I expect it to be better than any other Tablet ever made. I am an avid RIM fan and would dearly LOVE to win a Blackberry Playbook. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you for this chance to win the BEST TABLET ON EARTH!!!!

    • I think you’re right about this. The media has this whacky love affair with anything that starts with A so their eyes are already closed to our new device. Here’s hoping it steamrolls the Apples (and everything else, for that matter)

  31. I would love to win a PlayBook. Thanks for the contest.

  32. Show me the PlayBook!!!!

  33. can’t wait to win this! Wow!

  34. BRING IT!!!

  35. Here’s hoping!

  36. I hope it is all I am hearing. This could be the platform I’ve been looking for for a mobile healthcare workforce.

  37. woah! Is this one still active? I regret I came on this one so late.

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