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MLB At Bat 11 App is Now Available for the 2011 Season

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MLB just released an updated version of their app for the 2011 MLB season. Terry let us know that the new app is now available for purchase on App World for a pricey $14.99. The app does not include live video streaming of the games which kind of sucks but it does have live audio broadcasts to follow the sport from your BlackBerry. Most users would be just fine with one of the free sports news apps like Score but MLB at Bat offers some more features like:

  • Available live radio broadcasts
  • Batter-by-batter action for every game
  • Video highlights
  • Breaking news, schedules, rosters and players stats for every team

The app does not have as many features until Opening Day on March 11 but you might as well get it now if you plan on picking it up later. Check out MLB at Bat 11 at this link in App World.

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  1. It’s a great app! Unfortunately, you don’t get a discount for buying versions from the previous seasons. But for the price of a hotdog and a beer (I could do with fewer hotdogs, anyway) it’s good for what you get. Just having the audio feed is worth the price as the games get blacked out over internet radio for your home team. And you can listen to the opposing team’s audio feed for an “alternative” take on the games– “It’s an error!” “It was clearly a hit!” Hahaha.

  2. This app is a must have people who love baseball and/or love betting on it

  3. Love this app. I bought it last year as well. If you go to the forums, I made a post about it and my experience using it.

  4. Im a huge baseball fan and I might just spend the money on it.

  5. I am not a baceball fan… look, i don’t even know how to spell baseball properly, that proves it……

  6. $15 is steep on the pricing, I don’t follow baseball but with there being like 10000 games a year its worth it I guess.

    • My thinking is, if I buy it at the start of the season, I’ll get $15 worth of listening out of it. I’m follow the Indians but live in NYC so I can’t listen to them on the regular radio…but I’ll also listen to other teams as well and having the home and away streams is nice.

      The live video on the other hand is $119, too much for me. Even a full season…I won’t watch that much baseball.

      • I agree, $15 is worth it, if you buy it now… for the preseason, and then use it for regular and for the play offs.

        its really only around $1.50/month not too bad in my opinion, as Bell… my provider wants like $5 a month for NHL info over a 8 month season makes it like $40.

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