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ShopSavvy Claims BlackBerrys Are Running its Android App…!?!

Shopsavvy Android BlackBerry

I am not sure what to make of this one. Tashanna let us know that ShopSavvy has confirmed that 3 BlackBerry devices are rumored to be using their Android app. We know there are rumors that RIM is working on a way to run Android apps on the PlayBook but ShopSavvys logs have the following devices running their ShopSavvy Android app from Waterloo, Ontario:

  • BlackBerry 8300 ran ShopSavvy on January 31, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8600 ran ShopSavvy on January 17 and 24, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8520 ran ShopSavvy on February 7, 2011

The weird thing is that instead of the PlayBook we have older BlackBerry devices showing up. It could just be a fluke but a very odd one at that… I don’t know if we should be wondering if RIM has a strategy to bring Android apps to BlackBerry smartphones even before they get QNX.

My guess is that it is simply a fluke/prank but who knows…

via ShopSavvy via Androinica via BBEmpire

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  1. What is the BlackBerry 8600?

  2. It seems to me that these device names are probably just something a programmer threw in while testing Android apps on Playbook. I doubt that any of the old phones would come close to running Android apps. And if they did, would performance even be worth it?

  3. 8300? no way anyone at RIM even has that device anymore…

  4. Are these browser agent strings? Aren’t those kinda easy to hack? And seriously, an 8300? Gotta be a prank…

  5. Depends on where they get the device strings from (browser agent strings etc).

    Maybe an Android device using internet connectivity of a tethered BlackBerry?

  6. Rip the files and let us test I say…

  7. All of which goes to say – anything is possible, but as DavidB suggests — I suspect in this case the data would have to be gathered from user agent string. The only other way for them to get it would be to call a BB-specific API (DeviceInfo.getDeviceName), and an app build for Android could not do that.

    Not that it isn’t possible to see some interesting things coming in. BBSSH gathers usage stats (it prompts first to make sure it’s OK). I suspect most people running odd configurations do opt out of this; and they get a second change when the firewall prompts for URL access to However, a couple of interesting things have slipped through.

    I’ve gotten reports from devices running OS 6.1 (this is not from browser agent, but from specific data sent by the app) with mysterious and undoubtedly internal hardware names like “R006” and “R040” .

  8. That would be awsome… I hope they are working on bringing them to the phone in the very very near future

  9. Does seem very strange and awesome at the same time. Hopefully they make it work seamlessly.

  10. Come on. Always on a Monday, and only a Monday? I smell a hoax, like a ShopSavvy viral marketing campaign or something.

    • Maybe it could be true!
      (Anyone with those device wana give it a try?)

      • It’s highly unlikely that old devices run Android apps. Besides, who has such old devices anymore anyway. I’m sure some programmer just stuck in various strings while testing things. I would think only the QNX stuff stands a chance at running Android apps.

  11. I can’t see that being these old BlackBerrys. Perhaps the PlayBook is being made to look like an older BlackBerry by its signature. This would make a lot more sense as RIM would not want folks to note PlayBooks running live in the field and tying those to specific individuals via software licensing or registrations.

    Hey, I just noticed that BarracudaBob suggested the same.

  12. Well that settles it, BlackBerrys realy are “smart” phones… lol

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