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Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 Screenshots Leak with Chat and More!

BlackBerry Facebook Chat 2.0 Leaked

I was a bit disappointed back in May of 2010 when we caught a rumored roadmap for Facebook 2.0 that did not include Facebook Chat. My sentiment has changed today with some nice leaked screenshots (via N4BB) of what is supposedly Facebook 2.0 for BlackBerry. This version brings some features to the Facebook app that makes it fall better in line with its iPhone and Android clients.

The new version 2.0 of Facebook for BlackBerry is rumored to have:

  • Facebook Chat
  • UI Refresh
  • View friends’ profile info, pages and friends lists
  • Improved core app integration

N4BB’s sources are telling them Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 is targeted for a May 2011 release with a Beta project for March 2011. I know quite a few users who will be psyched to finally get Facebook chat. Hopefully it won’t log you out as often as RIM’s Google Talk client…

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  1. YES! CHAT!

  2. Dare I hope? Dare I truly believe… is it possible that they’ve gotten rid of that stupid “like” link on every post in the main news/update view?!) It’s soooo easy to hit by accident — especially on a touch screen…

  3. The “rumored roadmap” link doesn’t go to an article about Facebook?

  4. Finally! A decent FB app for BB! Anyone know if this will be compatible with OS 5.0?

  5. I don’t even use FB chat now and I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll be fortunate enough to participate in the beta (whenever that might be).

  6. I only hope that the built-in chat doesn’t drain the battery as bad as the 3rd party clients do. That is my one wish on that. Other than that I really want to be able to upload video and my notifications work properly. The option to be able to post to some of my pages (company stuff) would be cool too.

  7. B) Cool, lets hope and pray the interface would be nicer than the one we have now.
    Chat? I wouldn’t care less about it now since its always been disabled on my computers since last year. Gosh, I don’t even know how to turn it on now!!!…facebook has changed so much.

  8. So exciting to see a new fb app. Chat would be great.

  9. sweet. Cant wait

  10. looks like I’ve seen that same UI somewhere…

  11. Coool. That’s what we have been waiting for!

  12. To be honest, the Blackberry is pretty much my last connection to facebook. I am almost never on the site from my pc, and the only time I open the app is if I get an FB alert.

  13. Now all we need is the leak file! Anyone…???

  14. Current FB app is so poor and limited, that one can’t help but rejoice at the prospect of a major update. Can’t come soon enough!

  15. judging from the pictures, it seems to be only for os6 🙁

  16. About time that the BlackBerry version is a match for the iOS and Android platforms. I’m more excited for the above layout than I am for the chat. And I’d take chat any day over Places! Hopefully, it will be less laggy/jumpy and the navigation will be pleasant even on keyboard devices.

  17. What is RIM waiting for? The #1 app on the ‘net has been Facebook for over 2 years!!! Why does BlackBerry has a sub-par Facebook app begging for an upgrade? This upgrade is very, very much needed!!!

    One thing I despised in the old 1.3 version was the default auto-sync contacts with Facebook? Why am I sharing my all contacts with Facebook again? RIM?!?

  18. Most definitely an A….

  19. Cant wait to try it! Who else is tired of Bb apps taking backseat to Apple and Android products?

  20. woot woot! finally a fb app for blackberry that is similar to other platforms. Can’t wait for beta testing to begin!

  21. Wish we could run Facebook app here…

  22. I need chat for facebook

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