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PlayCreator Turns a BlackBerry PlayBook into a… PlayBook

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With a name like the BlackBerry PlayBook I really hope RIM will be making sure every pro-sports coach is using a BlackBerry PlayBook. That theme follows its natural course with the release of PlayCreator by John Caruso for the PlayBook. The app essentially turns the PlayBook into a “sports whiteboard application for coaches and players to draw up plays and tactics.” In other words a multi-touch editable PlayBook. 🙂

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The app automatically draws up plays when you drag the Xs and Os and has templates built in for Hockey, Basketball, Football, and Soccer along with a blank page for any other sport. It would be kind of funny if RIM included such an app with all the PlayBooks at launch though it has a limited audience. Either way if you happen to be a coach or player the PlayCreator app is relatively cheap at only $0.99.

Features of PlayCreator include:

  • Multi-colored Marker for circling and identifying areas or players in a play
  • Straight and Free-Form Arrow tool for showing direction
  • Sport appropriate Balls
  • Pylons for drawing up training exercises
  • 9 Different Scenes for 4 sports (Half and Full field backgrounds for Hockey, Basketball, Football and Soccer, as well as a blank scene). More sports coming soon…
  • Eraser tool for clearing only specific objects (marker only, arrows only, objects only or clear all)
  • Move tool for moving objects or arrows around in an already drawn play
  • Full Undo and Redo of all actions
  • Lock tool so the scene can be touched with a finger without moving or drawing on the existing play

Check out PlayCreator in App World at this link

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  1. This is awesome! We were just talking about this in the forums. The PlayBook is officially a playbook with this app!

    I coach a youth basketball team and this would be a very helpful tool to illustrate plays in practices and in the middle of games. So pumped about this!

  2. That certainly is a cool and rather appropriate use for the PlayBook. Still, I’d be a little nervous about using it in a game. I’ve seen plenty of cameramen and others get nailed while standing in the sidelines.

    • I would be nervous too with the potential of the PB going flying. I would protect it with my life. However, its quite rare to see 13 and 14 year old boys plow over grown men. That is, of course only referring to my situation. The NBA and NFL would provide a much higher possibility of tablet destruction.

  3. lets see if they can get some good sports sponsorship deals that use this.

  4. This is so cool. Coaches are really going to want something like this. I want to start coaching just as an excuse to have the app.

  5. I know my son and husband would love viewing this; especially my husband since he is a coach in his own mind.

  6. i understand that he needs to profit from his work… but how many people would actually perches this app… how many coaches are there anyway?

    • I’m sure a coach that can afford $499 or such for a PlayBook can afford a buck for an app like this. Heck, if he/she were coaching MY son, I’d buy the app FOR him/her!

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