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Bluetooth CalendarSync App Shares Info with BMW Car Systems

Calendar Sync

I live in Manhattan so I do not actually own a car but Avantquest Software’s latest app kind of makes me want a BMW. Their app allows your BlackBerry to share calendar appointments, to do lists, and other information from your agenda on your BMW’s car system. Totally unnecessary since you could see the same info on your BlackBerry but still VERY cool.

As far as I know your BlackBerry can already sync contacts and emails with many in car systems but this is the first I have seen of calendar and task lists. Hopefully that is something RIM includes in future builds.

The Bluetooth CalendarSync app is a bit pricey at $14.99 in App World but if you already have a BMW this is pocket change…

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  1. I’ve already got a Blackberry, so you guys need to do a BMW give away contest.

  2. I’ve got a BMW and I love her. Only problem is that she turns 15 this year, so she lacks a little bit in brain power.
    By the way, I did consider a newer model couple of years ago, but didn’t like the way they had setup navigating the onboard computer.

  3. That seems really cool. I’m sure the QNX integration will be a great experience.

  4. This is cool but its going to be common in most cars such as Ford App link and Toyota something.

  5. Haha! I love how unnecessary this app is, but I still want it.

    I think this is a smart move on the developers part. Design a cool looking app that is catered to the wealthy upper class. Charge $15 for it even though it probably isn’t worth more than $0.99. Get rich. Buy a BMW. Buy own app.

    • Ah, so true Jay. Hmmm…at $15 each and I get only maybe $7-8 each after taxes and such, I gotta sell only what, 6 or 7 thousand copies of this app to afford a BMW? Sweet!

    • Right! Do you seriously expect me to think that BMW hasn’t added $15 in the price of the car somewhere already. Just include it…lol

  6. so now we have a RIM employees QNX Batmobile, a QNX vette, and now a data sharing BMW…. keep up the work!

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