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App World Growing Nicely According to Latest IHS Mobile Report

App Store marketshare

RIM got off to a late start with their BlackBerry App World Storefront. While I have quite a few recommendations on how they can improve App World they are doing a solid job of promoting and using the store to grow the app ecosystem. The latest report from IHS Mobile (which recently purchased iSupply) shows that RIM’s App World is growing at a steady rate and is currently in second place which is surprisingly ahead of the Android marketplace. On the other hand the Android marketplace is showing about a 2x growth rate compared to RIM.

RIM went up from a $36 million revenue in 2009 to $165 million in 2010 which is a nice 360% growth. That brought it from 4.3% market share to 7.7% market share. Still its growth is below the 719% shown by Android and still pales in comparison to Apples 82.7% market share and $1.782 billion revenue for 2010.

Here is to hoping the PlayBook and its rich development environment accelerates App World’s growth.

via ZDNet and Cnet – Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. thats pretty great to see.

    They are working on it, and more developers are using it.

  2. It’s hard to take any of these numbers as meaningful since 2009 wasn’t a “full” year for most stores.

  3. of course the android market isnt making much when you have apps like the one available at that let you get everything for free!!

  4. arn’t most android apps free?

  5. Its good to see that the App World is growing. I’m hoping that the growth continues.

  6. Its a surprise that App World is in 2nd for Revenue.

  7. The really surprising thing is that AppWorld is growing faster than Apple’s AppStore! Wow! Very interesting indeed.

    Is AppStore getting to the saturation point 😉 I know I’ll get dirt flung my way for that one, but really, how many silly or funny apps can anyone write? Example:

    Sorry, folks, but you can keep those apps and anything like it on the iOS platform. There’s really no room in AppWorld for those 🙂 Seriously, did someone actually download The Stupid Button?!?

    Also everything you do is drowned out by dozens of wannabees the very next week.

    • Something to keep in mind Joe is App World got a very late start compared to App Store. You would expect a relative initial growth surge. Hopefully App World can sustain growth without becoming innundated with crap like eBooks and such.

      • Point well taken; however, it does show that the BlackBerry platform is still growing. RIM has done well to transition from a purely business device to a consumer device. Of course, Apple has made huge strides in the consumer market and is looking to do so in the business world. So is Google, but RIM continues to show it is well in the game despite the drought of meaningful devices the last two years.

        Okay, the Torch was well received, but I think that was because it was the first running OS 6 and there weren’t many other good devices to pick from.

        Once the PlayBook is released, we can expect RIM to put more focus on their new OS platform for BlackBerry smartphones.

        The Torch 2, Storm 3, and Bold Touch should get a lot of people excited again. I’m really looking forward to those devices even though they’re not OS 7 devices.

        OS 6.1 is still a “tide-over” release so that they can get OS 7 ready; nevertheless, it will be good enough for me if the hardware specs are right… as promised for the Storm 3!

        Someone mentioned that Mike won’t release OS 7 on a non-dual core platform. Can someone point me to that in an article somewhere? Thanks.

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