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T-Mobile Bucking the Industry Trend – Planning 5GB+ Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile Unlimited 5gb plus

The sad state of affairs with wireless data in the US has seen more carriers move away from unlimited data plans (capped at a max of 5GB) towards tiered data plans. For example, AT&T no longer offers their 5GB “Unlimited” plan but instead offers up 2GB for only $5 less. While this is not a big problem for data sipping BlackBerry users it might be soon when the latest batch of BlackBerrys come out with Mobile Hotspot features. It will also run into a bit of a crunch with how the BlackBerry PlayBook does data tethering if carriers and RIM do not force us to have an add-on plan for the PlayBook.

The good news is it seems like T-Mobile is planning on bucking the trend by not only keeping their 5GB capped “Unlimited” plan but also releasing a new plan with larger than 5GB caps. Kind of cool and something I hope all US carriers are working on. As you can see in the screenshot above this quiet “leak” was brought up in a question asking how to avoid bill shock with “Mobile Hotspot” features.

via TmoNews – Thanks Tashanna!

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  1. great to see TMO stepping up!

  2. This is why I love T-Mo!

  3. You’d think that with the release of the iPhone on Verizon that AT&T would be stepping up it’s game and offering more data for less to try to keep the sheeple from jumping ship.

  4. T-Mobile has had the “unlimited” plan for a while now. They just slow you down to EDGE when you go over 5GB.

  5. NO SH**…. and here i was thinking that TMO didn’t care… shame on me lol

  6. Sprint currently has an unlimited data plan, but I’m glad to see another carrier step it up and offer an unlimited data plan. Nice work T-Mo!

  7. It’s awfully hard to go over 5G a month when you are only running on EDGE like I am. I would rather like to see them roll out 3 and 4G in more areas.

  8. What can u possibly be doing on your phone other then theathering that makes u go over even 3gb. I stream lots of videos and stream radio for 4 hrs a day and I barely go over 2gb

  9. I am still on T-Mobile but waiting for that new BlackBerry Bold touch combo to upgrade to from my very limited Pearl Flip.

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