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Documents to Go v3 Leak Hints that Future Versions May be Free?

Docs to Go 3

Over the weekend Documents to Go v3 for OS 6.0 devices leaked but some people seem to have issues installing it. From what I can tell you must remove your current version of Documents to Go before installing this leaked version since it will just duplicate itself. It also only works with OS 6.0 devices so no luck for older OS users.

The thing is that this leak seems to include the full premium version of Documents to Go for free! Now that RIM owns all the DataViz assets in that field that would be the logical move. Robert let us know that this leaked version also includes the Repligo PDF Reader 2 (called PDF to Go) for free which would be even cooler. It would also nicely fit with the PlayBook which RIM has not stated if Documents to go will be free.

Either way if you are interested in the leaked beta you can download it OTA at this link or at this link. Thanks to Robert for the tip via BBh-plus forums

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  1. Taht would be great. Its not an app that I’ve used bur I could see myself using a lot more.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t seem to create a presentation with this leak. Gives an error”Index -1 >=6″. Plus the spinning icon when you first load it doesn’t seem to go away, even after leaving it on over night.

    Ah well, back to v2.

  3. I installed it along with v.2 and had no issues. Later uninstalled the older version without any problems. I can create a new document, spreadsheet, presentation…
    So far works fine 🙂
    BTW, I am with Bold 9700, OS…

  4. Yay, finally from $49.99 to FREE
    Oh, btw….what company RIM didn’t acquire besides Apple?

  5. this would be nice, and I hope that RIM packages this with OSs later on.

  6. Oh Finally!
    Should they acquire Microsoft as well?

    Or come up with their own desktop OS in this already saturated market

  7. Cool, there hasn’t been an upgrade in a while. Not cool that I already paid $50. Oh well, combined with dropbox, I get heavy use out of it.

  8. While I don’t use DocsToGo often it is nice to see that they may be including the premium features for free. I’ve always just kept a blank document on my SD card so I can open it and use Save As to create the document I intended. It doesn’t get around all the limitations, but does allow you to create new documents. RIM really needs to step up the advertising if they include DocsToGo premium for free on the newer Blackberries.

  9. There’s nothing worst then getting a new phone or pc that is filled with trial or demo software. Hopefully they will make it free

    • I agree with you! Usually when I get a new device or OS, I delete the games, doc to go, and any other carrier pushes. Now if it’s going to be free and you won’t have limits of use, then it could have potential. lol

      • uggh, the carrier crapware is the worst. AT&T are big-time violators…crapware galore

        • um you know that the ‘crapware’ isnt installed, you just get launcher icons that are embedded in the service books?

          How can they be violators of their own policy?

          do you also know that you can ‘hide’ these and then they go away fro good?

          juss sayin.

          • Yeah, I know. I don’t want icons either. If I upgrade the OS there they are, if I change the theme, there they are. No they don’t go away for good.

  10. FYI. I loaded Docs to Go v3. Got an error when trying to run the program for the first time. I confirmed that Docs to Go v2 still worked by opening up Word to Go v2. Did a battery pull to see if that would make Docs to Go v3 work. After the battery pull, my BB has hung up on booting. I had to do a wipe of my phone with jl_cmdr and am reinstalling my OS right now.

  11. If it is going to be free, great, but I will wait on the official one. Don’t like to risk with betas since I use my device for my business.

  12. We were just discussing PDF readers in the forums and Daniel mentioned that Docs to Go hasn’t been updated in a while. This sounds like it could be an update well worth waiting for, especially if its free.

  13. I’m generally a little cautious with beta software. but I’d certainly be curious to know what is new in v3.0. I can’t run it anyway since I have an old 8900, but I’m looking forward to upgrading later this year (unless I decide to wait for QNX).

  14. So we might see 3.0 while iPhone and Android run 5.0? Cool.

  15. Tried running the jad file from my media card but got the 907 error, but by using my Bold & by going straight to the online hyperlink of the jad file, then opening it and downloading it, well oh boy it works fine! Thanks to Ronen!

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