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BerryGrab Website Provides an Easy BlackBerry Backup IPD Reader

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There are a few desktop tools out there that let you parse through BlackBerry backup files in the IPD format. There are even a few tools out there that let you edit the backup files with my favorite being MagicBerry. The BBCool team spotted a new website, BerryGrab, that has a different take on handling BlackBerry backup files. It lets you upload the backup file and notifies you when it has been imported into their database. From there you can display the information in the backup in a much easier to view format and then even export it as a CSV or other file format.

At first I was wondering why you would want such a service but the interesting thing is that BerryGrab stores you backups when you upload them. That means if you lose them it is backed up on their servers. I am not sure how comfortable I feel about uploading all my BlackBerrys personal info to a 3rd party but I will leave that up to you to decide.

If you want check it out at

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  1. I don’t think I like the idea of storing my backup online. As I recall there was/is a problem with backups being somewhat insecure in the first place. At least if they are only my my computer, I have a better feeling that nobody else can get their hands on them to crack.

  2. Agreed. Even though BerryGrab has taken security measures, I feel much more comfortable storing my backups on my desktop and laptop computers.

    I found this question and answer in their FAQ:

    Is it Secure?

    Yes, none of your data is publicly available, your IPD files are only accessible by your login details and SSL is used to ensure your username and password are kept secure and encrypted.

    Your file data is not sent to any 3rd parties. Nor is it read by anyone without your request and consent.

  3. I’m definitely unsure about my info going to someone else. I don’t think that I would ever use something like this.

  4. UH UHH… not happening…. i have too many PERSONALLY personal info to upload on my desktop whilst connected to the internet…. i back them up on an a backup server which is also redundant in its own rights, and i don’t leave it connected to the internet or any accessible ports. i had hackers steal bank records from my multi level secured computer… luckily they were imaginative figures not actual bank accounts…. my boss would have had me as caviar!

  5. Yeah, makes me think of how many problems Blackberry Protect would solve. I try to limit my use of 3rd parties when personal data is involved. Not just security but also keeping track where the data is when you need to update it.

  6. I agree. I think it would be a nice tool, but I’m going to stick with the desktop solutions, definitely MagicBerry

  7. Don’t think will ever use an online application for this. I have no problem storing e-mail but contacts, notes and the likes not. I have sensible information there. One simple leak and the mess!

  8. I wonder whats the security like?

  9. I spoke to the developer a few months back when BerryGrab first went live, they do have a 256 SSL cert.

    I havent personally tried it, as I have no use for it… BUT it is a legit site, everyone stop all the hate.

    pretty much if you dont like it, or the idea dont spread the flames.

    The developer has done something no one has done before and doesnt deserve the hate.

    you can make a dummy IPD and upload to see how it workk.

    • Who is spreading flames?
      We’re stating why we won’t use it. We aren’t saying the developer is a criminal or the site isn’t legit. Just that trusting sensitive information to a remote site is not yet secure.

  10. Legit or not, we are always hearing about some company’s system being hacked exposing thousands of people’s data. I think it’s quite understandable that people are cautious about putting sensitive data online. For those who only use their BB for personal use, this may be a great solution. However, for those who use it for business, I would tend to err on the side of caution.

  11. I think a bit of paranoia is quite healthy when uploading anything to any website.

    But you can select the databases which appear in your IPD file, so you could upload just Emails, Contacts or SMS.

    I don’t know about you guys but I don’t share my bank account details with all my friends in SMS messages and Emails so a hacker can have my IPD file if they’re that interested in what I had for lunch last tuesday.

    I really don’t think IPD files are very sensitive, it’s just personal data which makes it valuable to you. Plus I doubt your IPD files are any more safer on your own computer than on a server.

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