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A QNX Powered Corvette With Some BlackBerry PlayBook on the Side…

Even though I live in Manhattan these videos of QNX powered cars kind of makes me itch to have one when the PlayBook launches. Dylan Tweney of WIRED was the lucky duck who got to take QNX’s 2009 Corvette out for a test drive along with a BlackBerry PlayBook and sadly an iPhone though there is a 9700 hiding in some of the shots. 🙂 Still it is kind of cool to see the QNX car OS in action and once again see RIM’s PlayBook hook up with the car. Check out the video below:

PS: I dig the new Corvettes but my dream car has always been one of the Chevrolet Stingrays like this one. Maybe I can get QNX to hook one up for me to test drive… 🙂

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  1. I love that the PlayBook is run on QNX. The seamless integration with so many other things, will make it a very convenient tool to have.

    Just think, if I’m in France and my high speed train is late, I can just pull out the PlayBook and tell that train to go just a little bit faster. Or when I head out to space with my PlayBook, I will be able to fetch various spacerocks from the comfort of my sleeping quarters by controlling the space arm with my PlayBook.

    The possibilities are endless! 🙂

  2. Possibilities are unlimited!

    COme on come on! give me one for my studies

  3. No WAY that Stingray is worth $100k! I don’t care if buying it meant Slash comes to your house and gives you a personal private concert.

  4. That was just AWESOME!!! QNX is beast, I can’t wait for it to be on my BlackBerry.

  5. Sure are seeing a lot of Playbooks in the wild lately.

  6. this is so hot.

  7. Lots of Playbook apps. QNX may be the best thing that happened to RIM. Apple watch out

  8. That is double GREAT.
    one for Corvette and one for Latest Gadget….
    Wired is great

  9. wicked awsom.. imagine the control capabilities!!!

  10. lol I would love to see the cops face when he pulls you over in that thing. No cell phone laws would not be very happy with this.

    What really is the point of adjusting your climate control from your playbook exactly? Seems dangerous, lol.

  11. I wonder how long until this becomes a factory option?

  12. That is so cool. I’ve said it before, my guess is by 2015, you see touch screens well on their way to replacing the old dashboards. You can’t even get a cassette deck in a car any more.

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