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RIM Confirms BlackBerry Torch II 9810 with VGA Screen and OS 6.1!?!

BlackBerry Torch 9810 UAProf 2

BlackBerry Torch 9800 UAProf 3 

You have to love the information RIM confirms and outs in their own UAProf documents for their devices. Piotr let me know about the latest for a BlackBerry 9810 with a VGA 480×640 resolution screen and also packing OS 6.1. Nothing else really sticks out to me in the UAProf document but here is what we know about the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 so far: 

  • 1.2GHz processor
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • 3.2-inch VGA 640 x 480 capacitive display
  • 8GB built-in memory
  • 512MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • 5-megapixel camera with flash
  • Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • BlackBerry OS 6.1
  • OpenGL ES
  • 14.6mm thin

Check out the UAProf document at this link

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  1. I believe this will be the same CPU for the new Bold touch.

  2. Why only 512MB of RAM? Don’t they get it?

    • I’ve got 30 apps installed (most are used daily), and I’m still not using over 256MB of my Torch’s 512.

      So my question to you is — what is there for them to “get”?

      • Why release a phone in 2011 with the same amount of RAM that phones released in 2010 had? Especially when that was considered a joke in 2010 by other manufacturers. Is 1GB of RAM too much to ask for? How can RIM ever get ahead when they are always playing catchup?

        • A joke?

          What other phone had more than 512mb in 2010? Maybe 1 or 2?

          I think you just want to see bigger numbers for the sake of seeing bigger numbers, when there’s probably no need.

          I think you guys are confusing RAM and App Memory too.

          • I know the difference between RAM and App Memory. I was probably using computers when you were still in diapers. My first PC had 16MB of RAM. Why not kick the RAM up to 1GB of RAM to get a step ahead on the competition? I love BlackBerry as much as anyone else here. I just am sick and tired of seeing spinning hourglasses.

          • i get what your saying, but theres no need for baby jokes and insults….
            but in all honesty, RIM is acting like Apple… look at this when most of the new laptops and desktops were comeing out with the new intel P55 chipset “Core i3,i5 and i7 processors… apple was producing imacs and macbooks with Pentium duo processors and *i apologizes in advanced* DUMB consumers running with blind loyalty bought outdated overpriced products…. im waaayyy off topic now… lol

            • well as much as we love berry’s at the end of the day they are still a business. why not 1 gb of ram you say? Well they’ll save that for the next model us little crackberry addicts will dish out money for. I’m sure they could make an insane phone with great specs that we would all love but then we would never want to upgrade and their revenues would slow.

              • I got you there.. But.. y not bump it to 1G (which i think is necessary) and the next model would be 1.25Gs and so on, as the years go buy, technology would get better, faster, stronger… smaller and i think with these gradual improvements, it would bring about a drive to make quality tech and not just revise current stuff.

  3. Torch lovers rejoice. The phone you love with a better screen and faster processor. This is what it should have been from the beginning.

  4. The next BB I get will have to be upgradeable to the upcoming QNX OS for BlackBerrys. We were told the hardware requirement was a dual-core, thus rumors of dual-core on the Dakota/Montana lead me to believe it will be upgradeable from 6.1 to 7 (aka QNX OS). If this 9810 will also one day accept OS 7, then count me in.

  5. What I don’t get, is if the Dakota/Montana will have 2.8″ diagonol – VGA 640 x 480, and the 9810 has 3.2-inch VGA 640 x 480, can’t the 9810 have a higher resolution? This stretching of the pixels always bothered me. The Storm and the 8900 when they came out also had the same resolution size, yet the Storm screen is obviously bigger. A larger screen deserves more pixels, period! What say you?

    • More pixels can be nice, but often makes for a more cumbersome interface for touch. The higher the resolution the more potential pixel points you’re hitting with your thumb.

      But in general yeah I would like to see more. Storm3 Monaco has a screen not a whole lot bigger than Torch2 but quite a bit higher res.

  6. No front facing camera and only 512mb of ram ? Other then that seems like a solid phone.

  7. So 9810=Torch2.
    I wonder when we are gonna see model numbers for Montana, Dakota, Sedona, Monaco, etc?

  8. To those thay have the 9800 this will be an upgrade if you love the form factor and want a faster Berry. As for me I’m excited for all of the new hardware/software theat RIM will put out this year. I can’t wait to here all of the official dates for all the new devices. Can’t wait to play with the 6.1 OS and new BBM and all the other cool stuff RIM has in stored for us. Always loved the bold form factor the 9000 was a great phone. I am currently on the 9700. I love my phone but the BOLD Touch seems like a great phone and with leak pics out there. I can’t wait for RIM to announce that it will head over to AT&T lol

  9. I’ll be curious to see the Torch2 and the Dakota/Montana compared. I’m due for an upgrade around Q3 and think they both could make an excellent replacement for my existing 8900. I’m not thrilled with the Bold keyboard on the Torch. I have played around with the old 9000 in stores and find the wider keyboard a little better for this style. I would still have loved to see a Torch with a Curve keyboard though.

  10. Ronen, this is sweet stuff!!! Thanks for sharing that confirmation. I’m still holding out for the Storm 3, but a Torch with a 1.2 GHz processor and all that other neat stuff including OS 6.1 makes it a device to lust after.

    Yes, I know QNX is coming in 2012, but OS 6.1 looks to be quite something getting into.

    Have you guys seen a drop in new BlackBerry apps since the fall? Is it because of Android and iOS or is it because of a lack of sexy devices? If there is, I think mostly because of the lack of exciting BlackBerry phones. That entire suite of new devices can’t arrive soon enough!!!

    The Torch did surprisingly well, but it wasn’t perfect. T2 promises to be much better… and for those Bold freaks, the new Dakota looks hot!

  11. WTH are we on VGA still??
    And… 512mb ram when storm 3 sports 768mb?

    • I kinda think it’s stupid of RIM in these days of dirt cheap RAM to not just go ahead and stick in 1 gig of RAM. But yeah it does seem weird 768M in the Storm3 vs 512M in Torch2. I would say Storm needs more RAM because touch apps in general are larger that their non-touch counterparts, but that can’t be the reason.

      I’m all about unified hardware architecture. In my mind it would be easier on carriers and especially developers if every one of these 6.1 devices had nearly the same specs, with just screen resolution and slower CPU being the differentiation between the new Curve/Curve Touch and the new Bold/Torch/Storm lines.

      • I believe it’s still 512MB of Ram and 256MB probably dedicated for graphics….
        I see no point in not making it 1GB (nice round figure) except that it will cost RIM more.

  12. this sounds like another hold over phone.

    they should really be working on QNX handsets

  13. I noticed that the battery is listed as 1300 mAH. A standard D-X1 battery for the 8900 is 1400mAH. The Torch battery is listed as 1270 mAhr and the long lasting 9700 battery is 1550mAH. I’m assuming the straight mAH number does not tell the whole story. I do know that the PlayBook battery has been confirmed to be 5300mAH which should be plenty.

    I thought it was interesting to see the Torch’s battery at a lower mAH than the 8900’s but like I said, I’m sure there’s much more to it than the number. Ie. the ‘r’ at the end of the Torch’s mAH must have some significance.

    • We have to remember when comparing potential battery life that Torch and Style and all older models have a CPU that was designed 3+ years ago. A LOT of progress has been made in processor efficiency, newer faster cpu’s do much more while drawing less juice.

      Also, a major power draw is the screen. Newer lcd’s are much more efficient than their older brethren too. It takes far less power to turn pixels on and off in newer screen designs. And the backlights are more efficient too, using less juice for the same nits of brightness.

      Look at iPhone4. Very high res very bright screen and faster processor, yet it lasts often 2 hours longer in battery tests than it’s predecessors.

      RIM has a history of good battery life. I’m not worried. Look at how a couple months ago the naysayers were poo poo’ing the PlayBook battery life. No talk of it now. I think we can trust RIM will get battery use right.

  14. Agreed. Battery life has always been important to RIM. I’m sure they have taken this into account with all of the recently announced/leaked phones.

  15. Very good news indeed. The specs, while not mind-blowing, are very respectable. It’s an old tried and tested strategy employed by almost every electronics manufacturer to hold back on some of the features.
    They release their products with projected shelf life, much shorter than any consumer would have liked.
    Otherwise, how would they entice people to scramble for their next “vastly improved” product.

  16. ok so can it not take video or what? and whats the diff in the touch screen?

  17. The processor update is great but what about battery life? I’d like to see a 8mp camera with editing capabilities! That’s all I ask and I’m in! 🙂

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