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Leaked BlackBerry Messenger Version 6.0

bbm_mastRIM announced details about the upcoming BBM 6.0 at Mobile World Congress earlier this week and now we have a leaked version of it.  This version is only compatible with OS 6.0. We are not sure what this build includes and not sure how stable it is, install at your own RISK.

Some of the features that RIM highlighted include:

  • File Transfer API – This allows developers to create apps that transfer files between users without any backend infrastructure. This can also be used to transfer moves in a chess game or share the full contents of an article.
  • That same File Transfer API will also will allow for users to send songs to friends. Maybe make a VoIP call, or even send Video Chats (hopefully?) Theban says in the video this will be the infrastructure RIM will build more functionality on.
  • Initiate a game play with a BBM friend. If friend does not have the game it will direct them to App World to download it.
  • Chat with other people using an app in real time. In other words you will be seeing way more dating sites showing up with BlackBerry apps.


I installed with no problem but was asked for a keycode after reboot, the keycode provided for the last Betazone update worked for me. Others are saying you may need to delete the official version before installing. Try at your own luck.

Warning: This is not an official release and is recommended to do a backup before installing.

Source: BBH-Plus

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  1. I can’t see any way in OS 6 to delete my current BBM. Is the only way via connection to computer?

  2. Please note, only those who have BBM new code from BETA Zone should try. It asks for that code.

  3. 907 invalid cod

  4. Worked for me when I entered my beta zone keycode. Although I don’t see any difference from the Beta that came out the other day.

  5. Im gonna leave it alone til its closer to the release day.

  6. What’s the point of getting this version? You would need all you contacts to get it in order to be able to use the new features.

  7. Invalid cod…

  8. I deleted 5.0.2 and it worked. Did have to use my code from this week

  9. It works without the keycode as long as you don’t click on any groups, try restoring remotely. I Didn’t spot anything new neither

  10. I noticed I can share an ‘Appointment’ with other users on this leak. Besides that, nothing really. I’ll dig around a bit more. Don’t worry if your not on BB 6.0 your not missing anything. Not even a cool new icon..

  11. Sounds like it’s prolly best to just wait for an official release!

  12. No major changes in the UI.
    Used the keycode from BB beta zone also. Its cool to have the version in number form. But not in features. If you don’t like to install leaks, don’t worry like someone sadi b4 your not missing out on much. 🙂

  13. How Does BBM 6 Look???????

  14. So I’ve been playing around with this 6.0 version of BBM.
    Things I have noticed:
    1) What use to read “Add Contact” now reads “Invite to BBM”
    2) The invite screen is more polished and looks nicer.
    3)The invite options has something we have seen b4 in previous versions. You can invite contacts from a group.
    4)In Options you know have something called “Enable Local Coloring”. When enabled, your contacts show the local time next to them.
    This is all I have noticed so far. Other then that BBM looks pretty much the same as in the BB beta zone version. Hope it helps.

  15. I still don’t get the point of these leaks. I mean, SO FEW PEOPLE that YOU know are going to go installing the leak alongside you so that new features can be tested back and forth, what’s the real point? Just to see what the new version is gonna look like? I guess the risks of it blowing up or even worse bricking your whole device just aren’t worth it in my mind.

    • I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Especially, when other 3rd party or other platforms can code block their applications. If you get a leak on Android, most devs block it by requiring a code. Same goes for BlackBerry applications like Tweetissimo. People have tried to leak them, but they can’t do anything with it after installing. If RIM was worried about leaked applications, then they should proactively block it better. No?

      Now if this was a paid application being leaked (i.e. Tweetissimo), then my thoughts would change. For a free application though, I don’t see the harm. That’s just my little opinion. I can see your point too.

      • Yeah Corey, I get your point too. Its not so much I think its WRONG so much. I’ve just never understood the need to be on the bleeding edge, installing jad’s on my device that have been ripped out of builds not intended for my device. Same goes for hybrid OS in my mind.

        • Yep. I think that most are “bored” (for lack of a better term) of certain ways that RIM’s applications look. So when they see a leak for BBM 6.0, they get all excited because they want to see a better UI or an over haul. I think that’s why with this weekends leaked Twitter, people wanted it as well. I, for one, hate the green and blue and yellow look. :/

  16. everyone getting 907 should remove previous versions of BBM.

    Im going to hold off a bit, as 5.0.2 is stable and nice.

  17. I’ve tried using my beta zone code that I got when I installed the last beta and it doesn’t work.
    Do I have to request another?

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