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BlackBerry Storm 3 Video Rumored to Be Headed to T-Mobile & Verizon

ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 18 16.26The BlackBerry line up for this year is looking pretty good specially the new touch screen combo Dakota and the full touch screen code name Monaco. Earlier today Kevin over at CrackBerry posted a short clip of the BlackBerry Storm 3 with Verizon branding on the back, but the video  was taken down fairly quick luckily someone managed to grab a copy before it was gone. It looks like the OS on this devices is an early version so it will probably get better once it is ready for release.

We mentioned earlier this week that T-Mobile had an employee event that called “See BlackBerry Different” the event they mentioned some of the new devices T-Mobile is lining up.

We reached out to our sources regarding the devices and so far they have stated that T-Mobile is planning on releasing two new BlackBerry touch screen devices one full touch and the other a combo. One of the devices is likely the Storm 3 and the other the Dakota. From the information we have gathered it would seem that RIM will announce the devices at the BlackBerry World Congress in May. T-Mobile will probably release the devices around June or July hopefully sooner than that. Knowing RIM it would likely be July since they took forever to release the 9650 and the Pearl 3G after they announced it.

Here is the video thanks to Blackberry India Blog:

Source: CB

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  1. I’m wishing this had 4g, a front facing camera and video calling…… sigh.

  2. 4G would have been great. I imagine that the batch will have 4G and frint facing cameras.

  3. I agree I wish it has front camera on it too. This is just the start maybe in may they will have it on there.

  4. Its just another storm with os6. Only plus might be no Surepress.

  5. Hmm, looks laggy (Hopefully because it’s a test model). But I did notice the Storms ability to adjust the position of the selection panes. I bet there will be more New BBs leaked out in the coming weeks.

  6. Front facing camera would be a primo feature

  7. I hope someone from Sprint comes out and says they are getting the Monaco and the Montana. I really want that Bold Touch.

  8. When will we have video calls…..

  9. I love the discreetness of the video and how they don’t say anything. Definitely a leaker. 🙂

    I’m not really taken with this BB at all. We can hope that the lagginess is simply due to the fact that its an early release, but honestly I don’t think that will be fixed when it comes out.

    Now that I know about the power of QNX and TAT it will be difficult to impress until those powerhouses are implemented on BB smartphones.

  10. Was kind of hoping for more b/c i’m looking forward to this phone. Hopefully they work the lagginess out before production

  11. Don’t care about front camera, I can’t wait for 1.2GHz cpu!

    And I pray RIM doesn’t wait for QNX to be smartphone ready. They don’t have that kind of time in the market.

    My gut tells me 6.1 is the BlackBerry 6 we know now, but overhauled by TAT.

    • Agreed. This will be a different looking OS 6 and also a small preview of what QNX will look like on Blackberry phones.

    • OS 6 and 6.1 are like windows vista and 7 lol… You think if they future proof the S3’s hardware it would be able to flash or something and load the QNX to run on its platform?

      • A decent analogy yes.

        No, not a single device we’ve seen rumored is gonna have a path to QNX. RIM has been clear, QNX requires a dual core (or more) CPU.
        And to be honest, I don’t care. The VAST majority of BlackBerry users are using 5.0 or older. 6.1 is a big upgrade for them. By your other analogy, think of 5.0 as XP, 4.6/4.7 as Win2k, 4.5 as Win98, and 4.3- as Win95. 6.1 is MAJOR for them, a nearly whole new world of mobile computing. I just wish they would get these 6.1 devices out asap, they have sat on their hands without a CDMA device launch for WAY to long (not counting the Style).

  12. I HUMBLY take back some of what i said in previous threads….. SOME… i still don’t think the trackpas belongs on a Storm, especially with a larger display….. and as you can see, the trackpad wasn’t even used in the video.

    • Having used a Storm for near 2 1/2 years now, I can say most definitely a trackpad would help the interface immensely. Those of us with fat thumbs find RIM’s touch screen select functionality near impossible to use. And if it doesn’t detract from overall use, why not? I haven’t heard many Torch users saying the trackpad is in the way or anything.

      • I agree with you David 100% don’t see why people complain about having options? I couldn’t imagine using the Torch without the TrackPad. In some cases is so much easier to do certain things. I know RIM could improve on the touch capabilities of the OS but I still prefer having the option. Makes the experience way better.

        • But… its taking away from the appeal in my opinion. And this refresh has a larger display than both the Storm2 and Torch. It would be just like a keypad-less Torch because they already got rid of the SurePress technology (which ill miss)…

          • Well, I still miss my thumbwheel and how it operated like a tab key in the browser. So we all have our preferences.

            Yeah, I’ll miss SurePress. I’ve tried Droids and iPhones. And don’t see how any does any serious typing on them. Their on screen keyboards all suck without the positive feedback of SurePress. But RIM is going for “sleek” on this S3 and SurePress is bulky technology.

            • i agree. and i also agree about SurePress being bulky, but i rely think with the right research in the right motion, it could be as intuitive and and as streamlined as other technologies that started off cumbersome and inefficient… and it was still in its early times.

  13. This S3 device doesn’t look like the one shown in previous images. This one looks thicker, like a Torch with the same chrome borders. Is this real?

  14. Interesting, I wonder if they will ever release a GSM Storm? I’ve heard talk of a CDMA Torch but nothing for the Storm…

  15. id like to see a HSPA+ storm……

  16. AT&T has been the flagship provider for BB, so I would expect the best features to be reserved for the Torch 2 such as 4G. It makes sense now that the Storm 2 was regulated to OS 5, it looked for awhile destined to be headed for the ashcan leaving Verizon with nothing but aging Bolds and Curves, but this proves my thesis (and Engadget’s) thesis wrong. RIM hasn’t given up on being competitive in the phone market to focus on tablets. We ‘berry users have been left hanging for a while with little to look forward to though.

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